Halloween : Halloween Quiz

This Quiz is FULLY INTERACTIVE and contains spook Halloween themed music.
This can be used within lesson , during Tutor Time or during an assembly for an ‘inter form’ end of term activity/ quiz. PowerPoint: 114 slides.It even comes with a team selector and an interactive score board for you to keep tabs on the team’s points. There are 10 rounds that are randomly selected using the Spooktacular Selector. These are:
Skullteasers-This round contains 5 brain teasers riddles that pupils must try to solve.
Witches’ Brew-This round contains 8 word scrambles. The first team to get the answer right is awarded the point.
Zombified-This round contains 10 Movie trivia questions.
Trick ‘R Treat-This round contains 12 slides. Each containing two doors. The team must pick a door behind it will either be a trick or a treat. Your teacher will decide what the trick or treat will be. You could choose to take a point off their overall score or some sweets/chocolate! It is totally up to you what treat or forfeit they will encounter.
Scaredy Cat- This round contains 6 hair-raising celebrities in disguise. You can take away individual bits of the disguise by clicking the answer button.
Mind’s Eye- This round contains 7 Halloween items. Pupils must choose two members of their team to play this game. They sit back to back (one facing the board, the other facing away). They will have one minute to describe to their partner how to draw the item NOT THE OBJECT ITSELF! e.g. ‘place the pencil at the bottom of the paper in the centre and draw a diagonal line up to the middle of the page’ etc. This is a tricky game. So, pupils must concentrate. You can award the point to the team that performed the best.
Boo or False- This round contains 8 Halloween statements. Pupils must use the ‘show me boards’ or pieces of paper to write down if you think the statement is boo or false. Each team will be awarded a point for the amount you get correct. When discussing the answers they can ‘Boo’ for a true statement and groan like a zombie for a false statement.
Possessions-This round contains 8 questions based on the symbols of Halloween. Once again, it is useful to have ‘show me boards’ to write down the answer.
Jack-O-Jukebox-This round contains 12 SONG SUGGESTIONS relating to Halloween. The suggested songs are in the notes section of the PowerPoint. The songs can easily be found on YouTube should you not own copies. PLEASE NOTE that we have not included the songs due to copyright restrictions, but we have included the suggested songs for your reference.
Ghostly Game- 8 items here pupils have to describe the item to the player without using the word. Please note due to the file size you will receive a Dropbox link to download your resource directly from us. We hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!


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