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China: Conflict, Crisis and Change 1900 – 1989. Designed for the Edexcel IGCSE Breadth Study but features a wide range of activities and approaches, and is in depth enough, that makes it excellent for all China history courses.
It is a standalone SOW (e.g. you don’t need to refer to a text book) and each lesson is self-contained, with all the information and resources required to deliver at least a Good rated lesson if not an Outstanding one.
Assessment & activity types are introduced and revisited based on a retrieval grid to ensure maximum learning and imbedding of skills and knowledge. Each lesson is estimated to take 45-60 minutes to complete but in my experience many can stretch over 2 or even 3 lessons depending on teacher judgement.

Each lesson features as a minimum:

Numeracy & Literacy challenges.

Keywords (to add to a student glossary).

EAL support sheets.

Stretch and challenge activities.

Teacher Quick Start Guide.

Literacy support mats.

Homework extension task mats.

Context slide for the lesson.

Part 1: Lessons included:

  1. China History IGCSE: Intro to China & Course Set Up. (with online self-marking quiz)
  2. China History IGCSE: Boxer Rebellion Causes & Events
  3. China History IGCSE: Boxer Rebellion Consequences & Reforms
  4. China History IGCSE: The 1911 Revolution
  5. China History IGCSE: 4th May Movement
  6. China History IGCSE: Sun Yet-Sen, Chiang Kai-Shek & Guomindang
  7. China History IGCSE: Recap Lesson 1: 1900 – 1926 (with online self-marking quiz)
  8. China History IGCSE: The United Front & The Communist Party
  9. China History IGCSE: Expeditions, Massacres and Exterminations 1926 – 1934
  10. China History IGCSE: Recap lesson 2: 1926 – 1934 (with online self-marking quiz)
  11. China History IGCSE: The Long March 1934-35
  12. China History IGCSE: Consequences of the Long March



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13 days ago

Poor resource. There is very little actual content delivery, just plenaries and gimmicks for student performance activities. The included worksheets are good but would be better if there was more actual subject content in the slides for the students to build on. Additionally, there are many misspellings. These are also very short, and do not last a full lesson.


a year ago

Amazing resource: I especially love that there is is focus on EAL as all my students are non-native English speakers with varying levels of English. My HoD is desperate for part 2 - when is it due to come out?


a year ago

Some examples of misspelled words from 3 of the PowerPoints: Chineese, thusand years, demended, chinna, refussed, mak, ment, greator, oficials

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