Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
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This resource contains a fully editable, 65-slide PowerPoint presentation on Holocaust Memorial Day. The PowerPoint focuses on:

Why we have Holocaust Memorial Day
What does the Holocaust mean
Why did the Holocaust happen
The meaning of anti-Semitism
The persecution of Jews prior to the war
The ghettos
Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass)
The Nuremberg Laws
Operation Reinhard
The treatment of Jews in concentration and extermination camps
Hitler’s quest to create the perfect race
The medical experiments on Jews
The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day in 2021
What we can learn from the Holocaust
What can happen if prejudice and discrimination go unchallenged

The PowerPoint contains a number of hyperlinks to:

How the Jews were persecuted prior to the Second World War
Interviews with survivors of the Holocaust
The aims of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
The story of Eva Mozes Kor, a survivor of the Holocaust - Eva was a twin and was subjected to medical experiments by Doctor Josef Mengele. She tells her story and how she was eventually able to forgive him.

Clearly, the presentation will contain some distressing images and information. I have avoided using very graphic images as they are just too distressing. I have uploaded a great number of previews so that you can assess the content and the suitability of the presentation for your students. The PowerPoint is fully editable so can be easily amended to suit the needs of the pupils you teach.

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