I'm a Detective! Solving the Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Note: Some of my products have some “out there” ideas. Make sure to look at the preview before purchasing. Everyone's classroom is unique and while these lessons work within my classroom, that may not be the case in another’s room. Also, this game is Rated M for Mature; however, I've edited my videos so that it is comparable to a PG-13 movie.

"Throughout his life the same –
He's battled constantly.
This fight he cannot win."
-The Unforgiven by Metallica

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter begins as paranormal investigator, Paul Prospero, receives a fan letter from 16-year old Ethan Carter, inspiring him to journey to Ethan's hometown of Red Creek Valley, Wisconsin. When he arrives, Paul begins encountering strange phenomena, as well as evidence of recent violence in the tiny mining village; and here begins the mystery surrounding the vanishing of young Ethan.

I've learned over time that to grasp the imagination of today's students (especially teenagers), I must go above and beyond the typical classroom instruction. I've been able to combine my love of video games, along with my educational knowledge, to craft my video game lesson guides. These creations truly motivate my students beyond the normal classroom routine.

Overall, teaching with this guide does not need to be an intimidating process. As noted in the guide, my suggestions for the educator in using this guide are as follows:

1. Allow the students to read through Foreshadowing Vanishing clues.
2. Complete The Beginning of Vanishing by watching the clip and having the students answer or discuss the follow up questions.
Note: For all of the crime scene scenarios, follow the following format:
Show the preview video
Introduce the characters involved
c. Have the students cut out the crime scene sequential clues, and have them paste the pictures in what they believe is the logical order.
d. Give the students the interactive crime scene clues. After cutting out the squares, they should paste or tape the top only of the squares to a separate piece of paper. This allows the student to fold the flap up. Underneath the flap (on the paper below it), the students write how they feel each particular clue is used within the crime.
e. Show the students the correct crime sequence video.
f. Have the students complete the paragraph structure template.
g. Show the students crime scene solution video.
h. Have the students complete the formative assessment.
3. After all the crimes have been completed, if the teacher wishes to do so, the students can complete the Truth of Vanishing and After Vanishing activities.

It's time to allow your students to become the detective and solve The Vanishing of Ethan Carter!

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