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Handwritten notes on IB DP mathematics - from an experienced IB maths teacher

pdf, 28.83 MB
pdf, 28.83 MB

This resource has handwritten notes for the first topic of the new Analysis and Approaches HL course, for first exams in 2021. This has the 9 subtopics that are included in SL, plus an additional 7 subtopics for HL. There will also be significant overlap with the A&I Topic 1. I wrote and sold notes for the current IB courses, which have been fairly successful, so I am in the process of writing notes for the new courses, from scratch.

My hope is that if you like this resource, please ‘follow’ my shop, so you will be notified when the remainder of the notes become available over the next few months. Please let me know if you have any feedback or improvements that could be made.

This topic (algebra) includes:

1.1 - Standard Form/Scientific Notation
1.2 - Arithmetic Sequences
1.3 - Geometric Sequences
1.4 - Compound Interest
1.5 - Exponents and Logs Intro
1.6 - Simple Deductive Proofs
1.7 - More Logarithms
1.8 - Infinite Geometric Series
1.9 - Binomial Theorem

1.10 - Combinatorics [AHL]
1.11 - Partial Fractions [AHL]
1.12 - Intro to Complex Numbers [AHL]
1.13 - Other Complex Forms [AHL]
1.14 - Roots, De Moivre’s Thm. [AHL]
1.15 - More Proof Types [AHL]
1.16 - Solving Systems of 3 Eqs. [AHL]



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2 years ago

Great job Thank you for your time and kindness


3 years ago

Hi. This was really helpful. When will you be releasing rest of the syllabus?

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