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Handwritten notes on IB DP mathematics - from an experienced IB maths teacher

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Handwritten notes that I made for my HL students on Topic 3 in the IB - Trigonometry & Circular Functions. It includes:

3.1 - Area of sector, arc length, radians

3.2 - Unit circle, exact values, tan=sin/cos, sec/cosec/cot, pythagorean identities

3.3 - Compound angle, double angle formulae (with derivation of both)

3.4 - Graphs of sin/cos/tan, rules for all transformations of these

3.5 - Inverse trig functions, their graphs, their domains/ranges

3.6 - Solving trig equations, proving identities, simplifying trig expressions

3.7 - Triangle rules, sine/cosine/area rules

If you are an HL teacher (or student) and you found these helpful, please 'follow' me, then you will see as soon as I get around to uploading the remaining topics of the HL course (Feb/March/April 2018).



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