Iguazú Falls / Mate and Meat; 2 units about the Southern Cone - Intermediate
Argentina y Uruguay
El mate y la carne
Las cataratas del Iguazú
Nota cultural: La pampa

Are we what we eat and drink? What do we drink? Soft-drinks? Milk? Coffee? Why are we so addicted to our coffee? And why are Uruguayans so addicted to their mate? Do we eat too much meat? Uruguay is a huge meat producer and its people are also great meat consumers. And what about quantities? Who is overweight? Make your students reflect on the consequences of poverty and wealth.

Five times bigger than Niagara Falls, Iguazú Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America. Discover the falls, visit the sites and compare them to Niagara Falls. Finally, reflect on the use of water no only as a source of electricity, but as a commodity in today's market.

Subject matter: food and drink / water
Vocabulary: sufixes; restaurant; the natural world
Grammar: imperative, future, preterite, ser/estar; reflexive verbs
Oral practice: South American tourism sites; tastes, consumption of meat, of coffee
Homework : advertisements, diets; a visit to a memorable location
Internet: key words list to facilitate a search and further research
Model tests and teacher's guide
Number of pages: 24
Answer key: included

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