Intermolecular Forces (OCR Chemistry)

Two lesson bundle covering the three types of intermolecular forces for the OCR Specification (but also applicable to AQA specification)

Lesson 1: Intermolecular Forces (Part 1) covers London forces and Permanent Dipole-Dipole Interactions. In lesson 1 students will:

  1. Understand intermolecular forces based on induced-dipole interactions and permanent dipole-dipole interactions

  2. Explain how intermolecular forces are linked to physical properties such as boiling and melting points

  3. Compare the solubility of polar and non-polar molecules in polar and non-polar solvents

Lesson 2: Intermolecular Forces (part 2) covers Hydrogen Bonding. In lesson 2 students will:

  1. Understand hydrogen bonding as intermolecular forces between molecules containing N, O or F and the H atom of –NH, -OH or HF

  2. Construct diagrams which illustrate hydrogen bonding

  3. Explain the anomalous properties of H2O resulting from hydrogen bonding
    The teacher will be able to check students have met these learning objectives through mini AfL tasks for students to complete


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Created: Dec 3, 2019

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