Ideas, planning, teaching activities and differentiated worksheets for beginning division. PLEASE NOTE: The resources come in the format of an Activeinspire Promethean Flipchart and a non-editable PDF document. Thank you for downloading.


  • Maths KS1 Introducing Division.ppt
  • Maths KS1 Introducing Division.doc
  • Maths KS1 Introducing Division.flp
  • Division Planning.doc
  • ks1-div-10.pdf
  • ks1-div-9.pdf
  • ks1-div-6.pdf
  • ks1-div-4.pdf
  • Maths-KS1-Introducing-Division-Active-Inspire.flipchart
  • ks1-div-2.pdf
  • Ks1-Div-1.pdf
  • Divison-Converted-flipchart.pdf

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74 Reviews

  • 5
    user avatarclloyd573485 months agoreport

    Fantastic resource!

    • user avatarjreadshawReply from Author5 months ago

      Thank you. 😸

  • 5
    user avatarElainedean8 months agoreport

    Saved me a lot of time, thank you.

    • user avatarjreadshawReply from Author7 months ago

      Thank you. 😻

  • 4
    user avatarehunt594a year agoreport

    Can't wait to use these very useful resources!

    • user avatarjreadshawReply from Author7 months ago

      Thank you. 😻

  • 3

    Slightly disappointed worksheets cannot be edited and changed to adapt your needs as they are images on a PDF, good resources though if you dont want to edit

  • 3
    user avatarniumai12 years agoreport

    Thank you! Useful resources but some pages are missing from the planning(Wednesday) and the ppt for Thursday and Friday!