Jobs in Tudor Times: Rich and Poor

Presentation on comparisons between the lives of rich and poor in Tudor times. Focus is on jobs and activities between rich and poor, and Tudor laws and punishment. Can be show as presentation with questions and ponits for discussion, or printed off as a booklet. Accompanies worksheets invinting children to write comparisons between rich and poor in Tudor Times


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    Josie115 months agoReport

    Super quality pictures, so much for us to discuss. Saved me so much time, thank you.

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    woodcock2 years agoReport

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing

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    Polkins012 years agoReport

    Very detailed with excellent pictures. Thank you

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    yjd23 years agoReport

    A really good resource. Thank you

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    jaffa1563 years agoReport

    very good resource - comprehensive. thanks!