Mental Multiplication Strategies

8 Mental Strategies for Multiplication
These thoughtfully made PowerPoints are carefully designed to help students grasp commonly taught multiplication strategies ( and tricks) for x0, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x8, and x9 times tables. Ideal for years 3 and 4, but also helpful for year 5 and 6.

To multiply by 2 = double the number
To multiply by 3 = double the number and add a set
To multiply by 4 = double, then double again.
To multiply by 5 = multiply by 10 then halve
To multiply by 8 = double-double-double
To multiply by 9 = use your fingers/ the digits of answer added = 9
To multiply by 0 = the answer is always 0
To multiply by 1 = the answer is always that same number.

All the PowerPoints include examples to 12 and extensions to large multiplications to show that the strategy really comes in useful for doing tricky mental multiplication.

Please see video for a taster.

All slide animations are activated when you click the mouse, giving teacher and student thinking and explaining time. Video is sped up to get through the examples.

Includes some supporting, differentiated worksheets



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