I tried to select a nice topic and theme to teach and revise various skills and grammatical aspects . It links to Expo3 ( la Normandie ) rouge with the discovery of an area but I jaust added more on this so students get to compare areas and see how varied France is. I will add more through a different power point and add worksheets , this is taking ages .... hope it helps. I used the interactive quiz with the gap fill as a little starter and introduction about the Alps before showing the Power Point.


  • Les Alpes adjectifs.docx
  • monkey y9 alps translation.swf
  • Simon et les Modanais Etoile des neiges - YouTube.MP3
  • Étoile des neiges.docx
  • Alpsweatherlessonversion6.pptx
  • la meteo des neiges radio la ciotat.MP3
  • Une région de FranceAlpesversion 6.pptx

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    huge thank you

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    I just wanted to t6hank all the colleagues here who have posted some very nice and positive feedback ! very much appreciated !

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    user avatargodfh0013 years agoreport

    What a lovely selection of activities! It's really nice to have some new listening material, too. Thanks very much!

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    user avatarspierre3 years agoreport

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing!

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    FABULEUX !!!! Much appreciated and so interesting for the students. The audio tracks are very useful. Merci beaucoup de partager votre travail.