Module 3: Exchange and transport (OCR A-level Biology A)

This bundle contains 18 detailed and engaging lessons which cover the following specification points in module 3 (Exchange and transport) of the OCR A-level Biology A specification:

3.1.1: Exchange surfaces

  • The need for specialised exchange surfaces
  • The features of an efficient exchange surface
  • The structures and functions of the components of the mammalian gaseous exchange system
  • The mechanism of ventilation in mammals
  • The mechanisms of ventilation and gas exchange in bony fish and insects

3.1.2: Transport in animals

  • The double, closed circulatory system in mammals
  • The structure and functions of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins
  • The formation of tissue fluid from plasma
  • The external and internal structure of the heart
  • The cardiac cycle
  • How heart action is initiated and coordinated
  • The use and interpretation of ECG traces
  • The role of haemoglobin in transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • The oxygen dissociation curve for foetal and adult haemoglobin

3.1.3: Transport in plants

  • The structure and function of the vascular systems in the roots, stems and leaves
  • The transport of water into the plant, through the plant and to the air surrounding the leaves
  • The mechanism of translocation

As well as the detailed A-level Biology content of the PowerPoint slides, the resources contain a wide range of tasks including guided discussion points, exam-style questions and quiz competitions which will engage and motivate the students


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