Multiplication word problems - Year 5

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Here is a set of word problems for Year 5. 1st sheet focuses on 3 x 1 digit and 2x2 digit 2nd sheet focuses on 1 whole number x a number to 1 d.p. These can easily be altered to include your name on the teacher questions and the names of children in your class. I hope they are useful.

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Multiplication word probs

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CreatedNov 8, 2011
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    user avatarcbannist2 months agoReport

    Great for year 4 tops to get on with while others have an input. Thank you.

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    user avatarhiaasen2 months agoReport

    Thank you for sharing!!!

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    user avatarccardenas14 months agoReport

    Great for group work!

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    user avatarjmo674 months agoReport

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    user avatarlearnhope5 months agoReport

    Helps with homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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