Passover and The Seder Meal
This resource is about the Jewish Festival of Passover / Pesach and the Seder meal and its symbolic significance in Judaism. It contains three resources:

1. A set of five texts and comprehension worksheets about the Seder meal, the different foods on the Seder plate and their symbolic meanings and the rituals that take place during the meal.

2. The Seder plate - this resource is about the foods used during the Jewish Festival of Passover / Pesach at the Seder meal and their symbolic significance in Judaism. The resource contains information on the different foods and their symbolic meanings and differentiated worksheets/templates that involve filling a Seder plate with the different foods. One worksheet involves cutting and pasting the foods onto the plate. The second worksheet involves labeling the Seder plate and providing a description of the foods and their significance.

3. An informative and fully editable 70 slide PowerPoint presentation about Passover. The presentation focuses on:

Why Passover is celebrated and how it got its name – the ten plagues, the exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian captivity across the Red Sea led by Moses.

The Seder meal – the Seder plate and the symbolic significance of all the foods on the plate, other foods at the meal, including matzah, the four cups/glasses of wine and the extra wine goblet for the prophet Elijah.

The rituals followed at the Seder meal – breaking the matzah, reading from the Haggadah, the Seder cushion, the tradition of the youngest child asking four questions, the spilling of drops of wine onto the plate.

The PowerPoint also contains hyperlinks to a short 4 minute animated version of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt and a 4-minute rap about the Seder meal which should appeal to teenagers.

A simple text version, for younger and SEN pupils, of the Passover presentation is also available:

Simple Text Passover Presentation

More Passover Resourcese

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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

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