PLEASE NOTE: This is an OLD version of this resource. A NEW UPDATED 2016 version of this resource is now available. Please, follow this link:

Primary Assessment 2016

In the new version, spreadsheets have been updated as have all objectives. Improved overview sheet allows you to see pupils' achievements in individual strands as well as overall progress. Tracking sheets have been improved to make tracking more efficient. End of term/year reports have been added. It can also be purchased for each key stage.

THIS VERSION: Assessment spreadsheets and tracking resources I've created using a 7-point system. Enter numbers 1-7 (which is explained in the introduction) into spreadsheet for learning objectives which will then calculate averages and a progress 'level' for the accompanying tracking sheets. The newly added overview sheet is a great addition which gives you an instant understanding of the current level of your children in maths, reading, writing and science. Who needs classroom monitor and the ongoing cost? This system, plus my foundation subjects tracking system (see link below), will be all your school needs for tracking progress in this 'interesting' era of assessment without levels. Please, leave feedback for this amazing resource!

NOW ADDED: Foundation Subject Assessment and Tracking without Levels:

ALSO ADDED: Year 1, Year 2 , Year 3 , Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 Math Assessments and Tracking Without Levels OR why not buy the KS1 Bundle, the KS2 Bundle or the complete Primary Bundle at a discounted price? Check out my shop for these great resources:

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  • Tracking Progress in Maths.docx
  • Tracking Progress in Reading.docx
  • Tracking Progress in Science.docx
  • Tracking Progress in Writing.docx
  • Assessment-Y1.xlsx
  • Assessment-Y2.xlsx
  • Assessment-Y3.xlsx
  • Assessment-Y4.xlsx
  • Assessment-Y5.xlsx
  • Assessment-Y6.xlsx
  • Introduction.docx

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    Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a post on the TES Resources blog.

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    user avatarBethNBAa year agoreport

    This is a fantastic resource- exactly what I needed! Is there any chance I could have a password to amend the colours and wording to match those used across our school? Thank you so much!

    • user avatarmrajlongReply from Authora year ago

      Hi, BethNBA. Password should be in the instructions. For your convenience, to unlock a sheet it is 123. Hope you find it useful and thanks for taking the time to review this resource.

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    I have just this resource , they are adaptable for various curriculum . I am working with turnaround schools where the need to shift from text book based teaching to standards & LOs based assessment. I see in this resource a fantastic tool to help the teachers in tracking progress easily and will enable them send progress tracking records for parents .

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    user avatarfanikabi2 years agoreport


    I've should bough your resource. I was wondering if I can edit it but it is protected. Please can you tell me the password so I can edit and modify it. Thanks. By the way a brilliant resource.

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    user avatargilldance2 years agoreport

    This looks fantastic, I've not started using it yet but was looking for an assessment tool for science. What would make it perfect for my use would be a mixed age assessment sheet ie 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6