Nichola Wilkin - Computer Science
Nichola Wilkin - Computer Science
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Helping computer science teachers take control of their workload. My refreshingly different teaching resources enable you to teach great lessons that help your pupils engage with the subject matter. I’m an experienced teacher and HoD and professionally create resources through my company Nichola Wilkin Ltd. My book “Python by Example” published by Cambridge University Press has been a runaway success. Download my free resources now to see why I am one of the most popular authors on TES.

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Python basics - ready to use practical challenges!

A great 2 page handout for your pupils to practice Python basics. Includes example code, a tasks to read code, a task to correct code and 4 practical challenges for them to practice writing Python code.

It even includes a PDF containing the answers.

Great for homework tasks, classroom activities or self-study.

You may also be interested in these other Python challenges to add to your collection.

Python If Statements -
Python For Loop -
Python While Loop -
Python Random Values -
Python Mathematical Operators -
Python Lists-
Python Turtle-
Python 2D lists-
Python Text Files-
Python CSV files-
Python Subprograms-

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A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


Python Worksheets

**12 proven worksheets for Python you need in your classroom** This bundle contains 12 PDF worksheets containing 65 coding challenges focusing on specific skills which help pupils to focus on one skill at a time. It also includes 12 PDF worksheets which contain the answers. **Areas covered:** 01 - Python Basics (includes 6 challenges) 02 - If Statements (includes 5 challenges) 03 - For Loops (includes 6 challenges) 04 - While Loops (includes 5 challenges) 05 - Random Functions (includes 6 challenges) 06 - Mathematical Operators (includes 7 challenges) 07 - Lists (includes 5 challenges) 08 - Turtle (includes 5 challenges) 09 - 2D Lists (includes 5 challenges) 10 - Text Files (includes 5 challenges) 11 - CSV Files (includes 5 challenges) 12 - Subprograms (includes 5 challenges) This makes 65 programming challenges which are perfect for use in the classroom or as homework tasks. Saves you hours of preparation and planning time. Learn To Teach Python Programming With Confidence [](



Workbook, Python challenges and a glossary to help pupils learn Python programming. Suitable for KS3 and GCSE Computer Science. Purchasing this bundle saves you 29% on the usual individual price.


Python Programming - Getting Started

Want to learn Python programming? These 4 documents that include example Python code, tasks and programming challenges to complete to help students, NQTs and non-specialist teachers to learn the following Python programming skills: - Input and print statements - If statements - For loops - While loops Perfect for classroom activities, homework tasks and self-study. Answers are included.





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