Quiz Quiz Trade- Get to Know You Cards
I use these cards at the beginning of the year and sporadically throughout the year to build community. Students love playing this game in Morning Meeting or in transition times. In addition, this fosters literacy interaction in students and greatly benefits EL students in a structured environment. This document includes 4 different sets of questions that can be used to help students interact with and get to know one another.

We use this in the "Quiz Quiz Trade (QQT)" cooperative learning style (Kagen). Each student begins with a card. Students raise their hands to find an available parter. When they high five, the person _____ (shortest hair, older, next birthday, etc.) goes first. Partner A "quizzes," or reads their card to partner B to answer. Partner B "quizzes" partner A. Then, they trade cards and go to find a new partner. The process is repeated until the teacher calls the group back together.

This could also be used in the Inside-Outside Circle strategy from Kagen.

I print each set of cards on a different color of paper and laminate. I keep them in a baggie near my Morning Meeting spot. They are great to play any time in the year, or for a sub to ask the class in QQT style or whole group.

These questions are good examples for the students, if you want them to make up their own questions to the game too.

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