A Powerpoint with sound on the theme of recycling. I made this a few years ago with my P7 class and hope it may be of general use within Citizenship/ecoschools theme



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Created: Nov 14, 2006

Updated: Mar 21, 2013

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    Thank you so much, saves me a bunch of time.

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    user avatarrensiva2 years agoreport

    Really good PPt

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    With a bit of editing this was very good for upper KS2. Thanks

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    I found this at 9 am, joined at 9:15 [TES please note that the country scroll bar is unusable for 'Georgia'- this wasted time] and had it downloaded by 9.20. Noticing that there were errors in the definitions of global warming and acid rain (cf comment below) I simply obtained correct simple definitions online and edited them into the PDF at the appropriate place ["The earth’s atmosphere is overheating because radiation from the sun is not being reflected back into space but is trapped near earth, causing strange weather patterns. ...Acid rain is damaging buildings, crop sand vegetation: rain gets mixed with undesirable and poisonous fumes from factories in the earth’s upper atmosphere "] and at 10:30 presented Moira's Powerpoint, intended for British Isles 9-10 year olds to a class of Georgian 12-13 year olds who have had this theme in their TEFL textbook. Splendid and much appreciated by the children. Will share with those who have internet access, home computer and email address (maybe 25% of them). Real education-real results. Congratulations and many thanks indeed. Martin Bolnisi Georgia