This serious of revision slides has been produced for my students revising for their recent assessments. It can be used with Key stage 2 students, Key stage 3 students and Key stage 4 students studying Foundation at GCSE.
The topics covered are
Percentages with and without a calculator
Fractions with and without a calculator
Ratio cancelling down
Dividing into a given ratio
Algebraic expressions and simplifying
Solving simple equations
Angles properties.
Probability of a single event
Area of a rectangle, triangle & Trapezium


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  • Ratio-revision.pptx
  • Equations-revision.pptx
  • Percentages-revision1.pptx
  • Probability-revision.pptx
  • Angles-revision.pptx
  • Fraction-revision.pptx
  • Algebra-revision1.pptx
  • Area-revision1.pptx

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