Inspired by Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas, this game includes 64 picture cards to rhyme, 2 broom cards, and 2 vacuum cards in three versions. Play the “Dusty Rhymes” game using either set of 32 cards or play a matching game with all of them!

The dust cloud cards each have images on them that have rhymes, as well as two broom cards and two vacuum cards. Cut out the cards, and put them all in a bag. Each player draws a card and calls the name of the picture and a word that rhymes with it. If a player draws out a vacuum or a broom, he or she must return all the cards he or she has collected so far into the bag. They have been “cleaned up.”

Play with a set timer, such as two minutes, and see how many pictures the students can rhyme!

Alternatively, print out both sets of rhyming dust clouds and play a matching game. In this version the player would say the picture on the two cards selected. If the two words rhyme, they have a match! In this game, whoever has the most matches at the end is the winner.


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