Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
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This bundle contains seven resources on the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Presentation

This is an informative and fully editable, 80-slide PowerPoint presentation on the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup which is taking place in Tokyo from 20th September to 2nd November 2019. The PowerPoint focuses on :

Introduction to the Rugby World Cup
The history of the Rugby World Cup
The 2019 Rugby World Cup in Tokyo
The format of the competition
The teams
Interesting Rugby World Cup Facts
Ceremonial Dances including the Haka, the Cibi, the Siva Tau, the Sipi Tau

The PowerPoint also includes hyperlinks to:

Highlights of the 2015 World Cup
The 2019 World Cup in Tokyo
The ceremonial dances of the All Blacks and other Pacific Island nations

Rugby World Cup Quiz

This is a fully editable, 100-question PowerPoint quiz on the Rugby World Cup. It contains questions on the following categories:

History of the Rugby World Cup
2019 Rugby World Cup
The Game of Rugby
Emblems and Flags
World Cup Rugby Facts
National Rugby Teams’ Nicknames
Rugby World Cup Statistics
Rugby World Cup Music and Dance


The workbook that contains several fact finding tasks including:

identifying the flags and capital cities of the participating countries
finding out the emblems and nicknames o
researching the best performance of each of the countries

Rugby World Cup Trip Maths Task

This is a maths investigation that involves pupils finding out whether £4000 is enough money to pay for a trip to Englan’s pool matches at the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo. Pupils calculate the total cost of match tickets, return flights, accommodation, meals and travel to and from the airport. They are required to calculate the exchange rate for pounds to yen and yen to pounds. Having calculated the cost, pupils need to work out whether £4000 is enough money to cover the cost of the trip and to find the difference.

An additional task involves pupils ‘packing their suitcase’ making sure that it does not exceed the 20 kilogram luggage allowance. This requires pupils investigating the weight of items they are likely to pack and the weight of the suitcase itself.

Rugby World Cup Maths Game

This resource contains a rugby themed maths dice and a coin toss game. Both games are played with a partner. The aim of the dice game is to score as many points as possible. Players take turns to throw the dice. Every time a 5 is rolled, the player scores a try (5 points). If a player rolls a 5 he/she has another turn straightaway. If a 2 is rolled the player gets a conversion worth 2 points. If a 3 is rolled the player gets a penalty - 3 points. If a player scores four tries in the game he/she gets a bonus point. In the coin game players toss a coin. If it lands on heads a try is scored worth 5 points. If it lands on tails no try is scored.

Rugby World Cup Puzzle Pack

This resource is a World Cup Rugby themed puzzle pack containing differentiated word searches and anagrams and a crossword.

**Rugby World Cup Match Results Templates

This resource contains templates for the 2019 Rugby World Cup tournament of the matches in the pool stages, quarter finals, semi-finals , third place play-off and final. It also contains results tables for the pools and a summative results table. Engage your pupils by getting them to fill in the sheets as matches are played.


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