Santa's Christmas Catastrophe worksheet

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This worksheet encourages learners to think about the way in which they change from baby to toddler to child. The toys need to be cut and pasted onto one of 3 stockings according to who would ask for them for Christmas - baby, child or toddler. There's an accompanying PowerPoint to download and watch, which encourages a discussion of the ways in which we grow and are able to 'do' more, and so play with differnent types of toys :-)


  • Santa's Christmas Catastrophe - toy sorting (baby,toddler, child).pdf

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    user avatarBird445 years agoreport

    A great resource thank you.

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    Simple but efffective and can be kept up-to-date just by virtue of the catalogues that come through the door. Lovely idea. Thanks.

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    user avatarPiscesLady6 years agoreport

    Love easy but so educational! Thank you for the I have a use for all the catalogues which come into my house at Christmas!