School's Out Leavers' Assembly
School's Out Leavers' Assembly
The cast size (30) can easily be adapted up (for a year group) or down, if necessary, to suit class size of less than 30.
Duration: Reading time is only about 5 minutes. However, if all 12 songs are used, and say 2 minutes of each are performed, then this takes performance up to around 30 minutes. This is a rough figure depending heavily on how much of each song is used.
What does it take to put a smile on those Year 6 faces? Maybe a large dose of great music and some equally great performances .... by the staff?! The lengths teachers will go to - or are we all really just frustrated rock stars underneath?!
Easy to produce, great fun to do!
Sample Text:
Music 1 Yesterday – Beatles
(Children file into places, singing as they come in and become seated; at the end of the song, all sit disconsolately, hanging heads in misery; group of teachers stand to one side, listening to their students)
Teacher 1: What a beautiful song!
Teacher 2: But why the long faces?
Teacher 3: Why so sad?
Teacher 4: What have you got to feel sad about?
Teacher 5: This is your last day at school! Wouldn’t a better choice of music be …?
Music 2 School’s Out – Alice Cooper
(Teachers sing and perform really ‘over the top’ version of song; students look on in horror)
Child 1: And they called us ‘sad’?
Child 2: ‘Sad’ has to be the understatement of the year!
Child 3: I’d say more like – ‘tragedy’!
Teacher 6: (Beaming from ear to ear) Now you’re talking!
Music 3 Tragedy – Steps or Bee Gees
(Teachers again sing and perform totally ‘over the top’ version of the song; students increasingly alarmed)
Child 4: Stop! Stop! Have you all taken leave of your senses?
Teacher 7: Well, this is supposed to be a leavers’ assembly, isn’t it?
(All teachers fall about laughing)
Child 5: But guess what? It’s supposed to be our leavers’ assembly, not yours!
Child 6: Yeah! You’ll all still be here this time next year!
Child 7: Not like us!
Child 8: We’re the ones leaving!
Child 9: Not you!
Teacher 8: So, why aren’t you celebrating?
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