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  • Thank you very much. Really appreciated it. Ignore 1974nicola - just goes to prove you can't please everyone!

  • 1974nicola3 years agoReport

    Thank you for sharing this but I don't find it very useful! Instead I find it very recipe based and I don't think this type of approach lends itself well to getting learners to think in a scientific way. On one slide it says put it in a context. I fail to see the context here.

  • ggunter4 years agoReport

    Excellent resource

  • bnl4 years agoReport

    This is exactly what I want for a lab report. Thanks for putting it in a powerpoint and sharing.

  • anon25844 years agoReport

    This is an excellent resource has been selected to feature on the @TESPrimary twitter feed over the next week. Thank you so much for sharing, you are helping to inspire teachers and students all over the world!