Self-Esteem Affirmation Cards For Teens Mega Bundle

This Self- Esteem Affirmation Cards Mega bundle includes more than 150 self- esteem affirmation cards for teens. These self-esteem affirmation cards are a great way in building self-esteem in teenagers. These cards could be given individually and in groups.

The files are in Powerpoint, A4 size

Cards include:

  1. Be proud of who you are
  2. You are loved
  3. You are a winner
  4. You are brave
  5. I accept myself
  6. You are resilient
  7. You are a happy person. Keep it up
  8. You are blessed with friends. Be grateful for them
  9. You are athletic. Keep it up.
  10. You are unique. Be proud of yourself ( teenage boy version)
  11. You are great at handling challenges. Be proud of yourself
  12. You are creative. Keep up the excellent work
  13. You are unique. Be proud of yourself (teenager girl version)
  14. You are great in music. Keep up the excellent work
  15. You are a loving person. Stay that way
  16. You are honest. Stay that way
  17. You are beautiful. Never forget
  18. You are kind. Stay that way
  19. You are helpful. Keep it up
  20. You are important. Always remember
  21. You are awesome. Keep it up
  22. You are respectful. Keep it up
  23. Anything is possible
  24. You are an asset to the community
  25. You are bigger than your stress. You can handle it.
  26. You are powerful
  27. No matter what your grades are, you are a capable student
  28. You are here for a purpose
  29. You are an example of love
  30. Your future is your own
  31. You create your own destiny
  32. You take things one step at a time. Keep it up.
  33. You have the ability to learn from every experience
  34. Speak up! You matter!
  35. You are blessed
  36. I keep my word no matter what
  37. You are going to be alright
  38. You have a healthy mind and body. Keep it that way.
  39. I see goodness in myself
  40. You have the right to express your feelings in a way that allows people to hear and understand you.
    41 You have the ability to learn from your anxiety
  41. I am above all the drama
  42. You are great at Math. Keep up the excellent work.
  43. You are great at Art. Keep up the excellent work.
  44. You are great at organizing. Keep up the excellent work.
  45. You are great with computers. Keep up the excellent work.
  46. You are great at singing. Keep up the excellent work.
  47. You are healthy. Keep it up.
  48. You are great at reading. Keep up the excellent work.
  49. You are great at sports. Keep up the excellent work.
  50. You are great at Science. Keep up the excellent work.
  51. You are good in studying the lessons. Keep up the excellent work.
  52. You are great at Geography. Keep up the excellent work.
  53. You are great in taking down notes. Keep up the excellent work.
    55 .You are confident. Keep it up.
  54. You are great at making friends. Keep it up.
  55. You are great at organizing. Keep up the excellent work.
  56. You are hardworking. Keep it up.
  57. You are trustworthy. Keep it up.
  58. You are great at writing. Keep up the excellent work.
  59. You are cheerful. Keep it up.
  60. You are great with your ideas. Keep up the excellent work
  61. You are patient. Stay that way.
  62. You are a star. Keep it up.
  63. You are a good listener. Keep it up.
  64. You are good at encouraging others. Keep it up.
  65. You are good at planning. Keep it up.
  66. Believe in yourself. I believe in you. You can do anything.
  67. You are humble. Stay that way.
  68. You make good decisions. Keep it up.
  69. You are good at dancing. Keep up the excellent work.
  70. You have good research skills. Keep up the excellent work.
  71. You are understanding. Stay that way.
  72. You are dependable. Stay that way.
  73. You are resourceful. Keep it up.
  74. You are good at cooking. Keep up the excellent work.
  75. You are reliable. Stay that way.
    78 .You are supportive. Stay that way.
  76. You think first before you act. Keep it up
  77. You have a great imagination.
  78. You are a great leader. Keep up the excellent work.
  79. You are good at baking. Keep up the excellent work.
  80. You are worthy
  81. You are clever
  82. You matter no matter what
  83. You are grateful.
  84. You are curious
  85. You are seen
  86. You are compassionate. Stay that way.
  87. You got this
  88. You are inspiring
  89. You are inclusive. Stay that way.
  90. You are good enough
  91. You were born to stand out
  92. You are safe here
  93. You are in charge of your attitude
  94. You are appreciated
  95. You are considerate
  96. You are generous
  97. You are fun
  98. You have the power to create change
  99. You belong
  100. You are motivated. Stay that way!
  101. You are successful
  102. You are intelligent
  103. You are open-minded
  104. Stand tall as you are
  105. You are precious. Never forget
  106. You are energetic. Keep it up!
  107. You are well-mannered. Stay that way!
  108. Your words matter and have power. Keep communicating!
  109. You are dynamic
  110. You are worthy of respect
  111. You are genuine
  112. You are limitless
  113. You are tenacious. Stay that way
  114. You are persevering
  115. You are the best
  116. You are graceful
  117. You are talented
    121.You are gentle
  118. You are loyal
  119. You get better everyday in every way. Keep it up!
  120. You are peaceful. Stay that way!
  121. You are good at focusing and concentrating. Keep it up!
  122. This too shall pass. You will make it through!
  123. You can conquer your fears. I believe in you!
  124. You are calm. Stay that way!
  125. You are committed to your goals. Keep it up!
  126. You stand up for others. Keep it up!
  127. You are good at managing your time. Keep it up!
  128. You have an excellent memory. Keep it up!
  129. You are passionate.
  130. You deserve the best in life
  131. You enjoy the beauty of nature
  132. You are free to be yourself
  133. You could always find the best solution in all situations
  134. You can accomplish anything you set your mind on
  135. You have a strong intuition
  136. You are open to possibilities
  137. You have good analytical skills
  138. You can make mistakes and you are still loved
  139. You listen when someone share their thoughts and feelings. Keep it up!
  140. You are an important part of the family
  141. My mind, body and heart are calm
  142. I forgive myself for all my mistakes
  143. You deserve to be treated with kindness
  144. I respect my body
  145. Listen to your heart
  146. I am present
  147. You are responsible for your words and actions
  148. I love my family
  149. You don’t need to be perfect
  150. You can handle changes that come your way
  151. Don’t compare yourself with others
  152. You can fight with your family and still be loved
  153. You can let go of your worries
  154. You peacefully resolve worries
  155. I can think positive thoughts
  156. I accept all my flaws
  157. You speak with respect
  158. You are supported
  159. You like to try new ideas
  160. You have the power to change yourself and improve. You can do it.
  161. You are attentive in class. Keep it up.
  162. You are independent
  163. You see the beauty in people
  164. Let go of all your limiting beliefs
  165. I have plan for my life. I will see it through
  166. I respect myself
  167. I see the best in myself and in other people
  168. You are self- disciplined. Stay that way.
  169. Don’t listen to negative people
  170. You work well under pressure. Keep it up.
  171. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy everyday.
  172. Don’t quit. Keep going. Keep trying
  173. You are wise
  174. You have power over your emotions. They don’t control you.
  175. I can’t change anyone or anything outside myself
  176. You have good study habits. Keep it up
  177. You see life fun and interesting. Stay that way.
  178. I try to look for ways to improve myself


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