Retrieval practice, or “self quizzing” is a powerful learning tool. Recent research shows that regular low-stakes testing, particularly if spaced out, helps to “hard-wire” facts and put them into long-term memory. I use knowledge sheets and self quizzing sheets with my A level students and the difference in their grades has been amazing. Homework always includes one of the self-quizzing sheets and year 13 revision countdown includes them as a weekly task. Students read the fact, cover it, say it out loud and then check. Repeat for the other facts on the sheet. At the end, fill in the self-quizzing sheet and review the facts they got wrong/partially wrong or missed out.

Included in this bundle are knowledge sheets and their self-quizzing sheets for eleven year 12 topics and ten year 13 topics, therefore covering the entire A level course.


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  • Biodiversity-knowledge-pages.docx
  • Biodiversity-SELF-QUIZZING.docx
  • biological-molecules-knowledge.docx
  • biological-mols-self-quizzing.docx
  • cell-recognition-and-immune-system-knowledge.docx
  • cell-recognition-and-immune-system-self-quizzing.docx
  • cell-structure-knowledge.docx
  • cell-structure-SELF-QUIZZING.docx
  • DNA--RNA--Protein-synthesis-knowledge-sheets.docx
  • DNA--RNA--Protein-synthesis-SELF-QUIZZING.docx
  • enzymes-knowledge.docx
  • enzymes-self-quizzing.docx
  • exchange-knowledge.docx
  • exchange-self-quizzing.docx
  • genetic-diversity-knowledge.docx
  • genetic-diversity-self-quizzing.docx
  • mass-transport-knowledge.docx
  • mass-transport-self-quizzing.docx
  • nucleic-acids-knowledge.docx
  • nucleic-acids-SELF-QUIZZING.docx
  • transport-across-membrane-knowledge.docx
  • transport-across-membrane-self-quizzing.docx
  • energy-and-ecosystems-knowledge.docx
  • energy-and-ecosystems-self-quizzing.docx
  • gene-expression-knowledge-pages.docx
  • gene-expression-self-quizzing.docx
  • HOMEOSTASIS-knowledge.docx
  • INHERITED-CHANGE-knowledge-pages.docx
  • NERVOUS-SYSTEM-AND-MUSCLES-knowledge-pages.docx
  • PHOTOSYNTHESIS-knowledge-pages.docx
  • PHOTOSYNTHESIS-self-quizzing.docx
  • populations-and-evolution-knowledge.docx
  • populations-and-evolution-self-quizzing.docx
  • populations-in-ecosystems-knowledge-pages.docx
  • populations-in-ecosystems-self-quizzing.docx
  • Recombinant-DNA-knowledge.docx
  • Recombinant-DNA-self-quizzing.docx
  • RESPIRATION-knowledge-pages.docx
  • RESPIRATION-self-quizzing.docx

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