Spanish Calendar Bundle - Days of the Week, Months, and Seasons

The bundle includes 5 worksheets, a days of the week explanation and reference, and a calendar PowerPoint. The PowerPoint can be used to present and practice Spanish days, months and seasons, and can also be printed for a colorful bulletin board or classroom signs. They’ll brighten your room for back to school!

The breakdown of the download (also sold individually as follows) is:

Spanish Calendar Sentences - Days of Week, Classes and Daily Activities
Spanish Calendar 15 Dates Translations Worksheet
Spanish Calendar - Days, Months with Antes de and Después de Worksheet
Spanish Calendar Scrambled Words - Days, Months, Seasons & Images
Spanish Days of the Week Reference
Spanish Calendar Signs - Days, Months and Seasons - Calendario
Spanish Calendar and Seasons Word Search with Image IDs - Calendario

38 pages

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