Spanish Food and Meals Bundle of 9 Worksheets, Web Quest, Sketch, and Vocabulary
Get ready for a great food unit with this Spanish food bundle! The bundle contains 9 worksheets, a web quest, a sketch activity, and an extensive vocabulary reference with over 135 words for foods, meals, verbs, and food related phrases. The bundle price offers more than 40% savings over the cost of each item purchased separately! Here's what you get:

- Spanish 25 Food Plurals and Indefinite Articles w/key
- Spanish Food and Meals Word Search w/key
- Spanish Food and Meals 15 Sentence Completions w/key
- Spanish Food Groupings - 24 Words with 6 Categories w/key
- Spanish Food and Adverbs of Time 20 Sentences with Image IDs w/key
- Spanish Food 12 Question Responses and Image IDs w/key
- Spanish Fruits and Vegetables Crossword Puzzle w/key
- Spanish Food Fruits and Vegetables Sketch Project
- Spanish Food and Shopping WebQuest OpenCor 18 Questions and Sketch
- Spanish Food and Meals Crossword Puzzle, Vocabulary, and Image IDs w/key
- Spanish Foods With Gustar, Encantar & Odiar Sentences & Picture IDs w/key
- Spanish Foods and Meals Vocabulary Reference

26 pages
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Created: Jan 21, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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