Spanish Irregular Verbs Matching Squares Puzzle - Verbos Irregulares
Students love these cooperative learning, hands on vocabulary puzzles! With this activity, they'll practice 16 different irregular verbs, conjugated in the present tense, as they assemble a 4 x 4 Spanish/English vocabulary puzzle. Verbs included are conducir, conocer, dar, decir, estar, hacer ir, oír, poner, saber, salir, ser, tener, traducir, traer, and venir. All verbs are repeated at least once which makes the puzzle more challenging. The puzzle contains a bilingual list of all infinitives alongside it that can be used as a student reference or bookmark. Also included is a page of tips and suggestions for using the puzzles.

Just photocopy enough for class sets (1 for every 2 students if working in pairs, or 1 per student if working alone), cut and fasten with a paper clip. Distribute to students and challenge them to reassemble the puzzles as quickly as possible.

The puzzles are great to use for introducing and reviewing vocabulary, and they're also helpful for sub lessons. After students assemble the puzzles, they can use the vocabulary lists to quiz each other on the verbs.

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