Spelling punctuation and grammar SATs revision aid

We put together this revision aid for the new Spelling, punctuation and grammar SATs test in 2013. It covers everything that the children need to learn for the test and gives clear definitions and examples for each term (from levels 4 to 6). We gave a copy to all Year 5 and 6 children to keep as a revision guide for the SATs. They have found it very useful!


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    user avatarPatek6432 months agoReport

    :/ h. H

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    user avatarcazned2 months agoReport

    Fabulous - thanks

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    user avatargabbylulu2 months agoReport

    Really helpful resource

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    user avatarStevenPearce4 months agoReport

    This would have been great last year. Please note that this was written under the old curriculum and many things in the new one are not on here. Still a useful resource but be careful!

    • user avatarseemasirpal85Reply from Author2 months ago

      Well it was created for that very purpose (see date published!). Still helpful so we'll be leaving it up - I'm sure people aren't silly enough to realise it's for the old sats as it states it clearly!

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    Invaluable to to support teachers, parents and most of all children.

Jan 10, 2013
Oct 1, 2014

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