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As the final bell of the day sounds at Penryn, it signals the end of one part of the school day but the beginning of the next. Students here are able to take advantage of a wealth of after-school activites, both in the college and in Penryn's extended schools network. The college offers a range of activities that go well beyond sports and music. Penryn has successfully made the link between the curriculum and after-school activity.

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CreatedJun 2, 2010
UpdatedMay 12, 2013

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    user avatarctjandej5 years agoReport

    An excellent resource to stimulate leadership from KS4/KS5 children showing how they could add to extended school learning giving them a chance to develop their leadership, planning, communication and team working skills. This could inspire children to develop life long skills and at the same time they could be helping their community.