Terrorists x 3 ~ Kaczynski ~ McVeigh ~ Tsarnaev + Quizzes = 84 Slides
Terrorists x 3: Three complete Powerpoint Presentations about: Ted Kaczynski ~ Timothy McVeigh ~ Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Each has its own multiple choice quiz with answer key (30 Questions in all). There are 84 Slides Totally!

The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook author.

Clips from text:

Ted Kaczynski moved to a cabin in Montana where he became more and more isolated. He was doing a lot of reading about sociology and political philosophy while being in this self imposed exile. He decided more violent methods were the only solution to rectifying the ills of industrial civilization. He saw violent collapse as the only way to bring down the techno-industrial system and began building his bombs. Ultimately, it was at his same wilderness retreat, that his Unabombing came to an end with his arrest.

The main reason the FBI finally caught the Unabomber was that his brother David turned him into the FBI after the FBI published Ted's manifesto in the Washington Post and New York Times.

It was the government's botched attacks on Waco and Ruby Ridge which inspired McVeigh to bomb Oklahoma City. He blamed the government for the deaths at both and sought revenge for them. McVeigh hoped to inspire a revolt against the federal government.

Nichols and McVeigh constructed their bomb, an ANNM explosive device and mounted it in the back of a rented Ryder truck. On April 19, 1995, McVeigh drove the truck to the front of the Murrah Federal Building just as its offices opened. He lit a delayed fuse and took cover. The bomb exploded.

DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV (Jahar) is the new model of the recruit for Al-Qaeda or ISIS involvement. Mounting a 9/11 style attack is too difficult in today’s world. Rather, try to entice these disappointed lone wolf young men who are reading their materials online on their computers in their families’ basements. A terror group didn’t have to train four pilots to fly jets to achieve the Boston Marathon Bombing. There is no terrorism cell leader being hunted down for the carnage. Jahar is the one carrying the entire load of responsibility as would Tamerlan if he had survived.
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