The Amazon Basin / Potatoes - 2 units about ecology - Intermediate
Bolivia: Ecología
La Amazonía y la ecología del mundo
La papa: comida del pasado y del futuro

During the Irish potato crisis, millions of people died and tens of thousands left Ireland. What does this have to do with Bolivia? The potato is an Andean plant and was a staple there long before it was transported to Ireland. Learn everything about the potato, including a lovely Neruda poem called 'Oda a la papa.'

We don't often think of the Amazon basin as part of Bolivia, yet in fact more than half the country is covered by the thick tropical forest we call the 'lungs of the earth.' What are the consequences of cutting down the trees? Compare the region to the United States and then compare two maps showing American forests past and present. Practice ser, estar and hay.

Subject matter: ecology
Vocabulary: natural world; agricultural products
Grammar: use of ser, estar and hay
Oral practice: consequences of forests disappearing; analysis of a Neruda poem
Homework: open subject on an ecological theme; description of a plant useful to mankind
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search and further research
Number of pages: 24
Answer key: included

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