The Easter Story for IWB

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A fuller version of the story for more able learners. Same pictures as in the previously uplaoded Easy Easter Story for IWB, but more detailed text. Comic Sans font throughout. Also matches the Retell the Easter Story Workbook.

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CreatedMar 17, 2007
UpdatedApr 15, 2014

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    Super resource, many thanks!

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    thank you.

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    I like this more detailed version.

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    Thanks so much. A condensed version of the Easter Story that the children will be able to understand. And yes Ascension Thursday is when Jesus was taken to heaven. On Easter Sunday, the Resurrection is celebrated as it was when Jesus rose from the dead.

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    Thank you. A super resource.
    Just one question: when Jesus is taken to heaven, isn't this the Ascension (slide 19)? I think resurrection is when he comes back to life?