Volleyball Unit - PE Sport Unit with lesson plans, drills & games - Grades 3-6
**Update - All new easy to follow diagrams, and links to instructional videos for each skill.

Are you wanting to deliver high-quality PE, and Volleyball for your class as an elementary teacher? Here we don't just have games to play, we have a professional, structured volleyball program to implement at your school.

This Prime Coaching Volleyball pack is formulated to enhance and broaden your skills and CONFIDENCE in the physical education realm of primary school teaching. Suited towards the upper primary/elementary years (grades 3-6 and even up to grade 7), it can be followed instantly without the need of searching, planning and scrambling for ideas to deliver high-quality sport to your students.

***NO PREP - Print and teach lessons - and awesome straight from the IPad/tablet.

Perfect for all casual, permanent, new and student teachers, PE teachers, professional development, and also great for after-school hours care services who wish to extended their activities, it doesn't matter if you NEVER PLAYED before, you get everything you need!

1. How to teach
Firstly you will be fully equipped with:
• Fundamental volleyball rules and gameplay
• Key skill elements and coaching points
• Warm up games
• Individual and partner drills
• High activity game-based drills
• Engaging modified games

These activities are fully underpinned with plenty of diagrams and pictures with clear setup, gameplay, progressions and variations, enabling you to pick from. In addition, we now have short instructional videos on YouTube (links in the document), showing you exactly what the skill should look like and how to teach it.

2. Lesson Plans
There is a structured 6-week program of lessons to take your students through the game of volleyball, with progression to know and play:
1. Introduction to digging and serving
2. Introduction to setting and spiking
3. Developing the dig, spike and defence
4. Progression court awareness and attacking play
5. Spiking, defence, and volleyball games
6. Rotate round skills stations, and games
* The lessons are written to accommodate for class sizes of 25-30 students, yet can be easily applied to smaller/larger groups.

3. Assessment
Assessment sheet with grading rationale:
Each skill element is clearly defined with a straightforward grading system. Each ability level is determined by the control of the ball and technical parts of the skill, for:
- dig
- set
- spike
- block
- movement
- gameplay

4. Online video 'how to teach volleyball' support
Click below to watch the 'how to teach' volleyball videos for the fundamental skills:
The Dig
The Set
The Spike
The Serves
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