Dealing with parents

Sian Evans
16th November 2018
dealing with parents, positive reinforcement,dealing with negative behaviour,parent-teacher relationship, parents evening

Top tips and practical advice for ensuring that communication with parents is productive  

Interacting with parents presents an important opportunity for teachers to make sure that pupils' positive behaviour is praised and disruptive behaviour is addressed quickly and efficiently. After all, parents and teachers are working towards the same goal: what’s best for the student. 

To support effective teacher-parent communication, we’ve gathered a selection of practical tools, which will help you to deal with a range of situations.

Working with parents

Postcards to Parents

Set of Postcards to send home with child to communicate achievement. Your child is the Star of the Week! Your child has done something great! Your child has had an amazing week! **Following feedback on comments here I have attached PPT versions of the documents so that they can be amended as required.
By cdicristofaro

Advice to teachers - working with parents

This is advice doe teachers when dealing with parents and pastoral issues. It might be particularly useful for NQTs.
By maz1

Positive Behaviour Cards

A home/ school link card tracking pupils behaviour
By martin elliott

Teachers TV: Dealing with Parents

Dealing with angry and upset parents.
By Teachers TV

Parents' evening

Parents Evening form

A form I created last year for Parents Evening. Each child had one and I wrote in levels and any other notes I wanted to mention. It meant I had something in front of me for each child and could write anything down the parents wanted me to follow up. Printed 2 per sheet so the form was A5

By nm97yd

Revision advice leaflet for Year 11 parents' evening

This revision advice leaflet was designed by Steve Collett in my maths team. We gave a colour copy to every parent at our recent Year 11 Parents' Evening and they were really well received. They certainly helped create a felling of "we're all in this together".
By charliedawson

Parents' Evening Review Sheet

A simple worksheet that encourages students to reflect on a recent parents' evening and, in the process, improve the quality of their writing.
By Douglas Wise

Parents' evening guide and bingo

Guide to parents' evening in Word format. Also included is a fun bingo game to play with your colleagues, just the type of thing to wind down before that evening at work!
By studeapps

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