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11th December 2019
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Get your class laughing and learning as you wrap up the autumn term with these top quizzes and games

With the end of term getting closer and your pupils winding down for a well-deserved break, we have gathered together some fun and engaging resources that both you and your pupils can enjoy.

Make Spellings FUN!! Loads of activities!

I made these worksheets colourful and lively because spelling can be boring if it's not made appealing! These activities give children the opportunity to write out and practice their spellings as well as having fun! I hope these make spelling fun for your children! Let me know if you have any other ideas you&'d like added! I&';d love to hear feedback xx They could also be used to learn Spanish or French etc spellings too! Hope it's useful xx :)
By sairer

Team Game - Fly Me To The Moon

Interactive quiz for 2 teams - first to build their rocket wins. This can be uesed with all subjects. I have more ppts similar to this if you want them please contact me - feedback gratefully received
By bryan hackett

Den Day STEM Challenge - Build a structure that stands

To support pupils taking part in Save the Children's Den Day, use these resources to challenge children to build a structure that stands, out of everyday materials.

The accompanying presentations for KS1 and KS2 can be used to help children learn about the impact of natural disasters and how families can lose their homes.

These resources have been specifically designed to use for Save the Children's Den Day on Friday 16 June. Schools around the UK will be building dens out of everyday materials and raising money to help give more children around the world a safe place to shelter.

Sign up at denday.org for your free fundraising kit with everything you need to take part.
By s_pirouet

Strategy Board Games for Critical Thinking

This is a set of 10 board games that work on STRATEGY rather than CHANCE.

The only equipment you need is counters/markers.
Provided in both colour and black/white.
Easy-to-follow instructions are written on the game boards.
All games are for 2 players.

These games develop skills such as:
♦ strategic thinking
♦ logical thinking
♦ spatial perception
♦ planning ahead
♦ social interaction (not played on a screen!)

♦ Spiralin’
♦ Slide it!
♦ Sandwich
♦ Choices
♦ Pretwa
♦ Block
♦ Len Choa
♦ Nine Holes
♦ Tapatan
♦ Nine Field Kono

Designed on A4 size paper.


© Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
By swelch_resources

Book Quiz Pack – story, back to school, world book week / day, primary

This resource consists of a bumper pack of book related quizzes with two levels of difficulty for primary aged children. Included are eight quizzes:

Book Quiz - difficulty 1
Character Quiz - difficulty 1
Setting Quiz - difficulty 1
Title Quiz - difficulty 1
Book Quiz - difficulty 2
Character Quiz - difficulty 2
Setting Quiz - difficulty 2
Title Quiz - difficulty 2

This quiz is fully editable and also includes answers. Please leave a review if you find this resource useful. Thank you !

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By magicinkstand

Bubble Fun! Science Museum STEM Activity

This activity contains the Science Museum’s secret bubble recipe and ideas about how to create brilliant bubble blowers. There’s also lots to find out about the science of mixtures and materials and the properties of water.

Learning Outcomes:

- Investigate how mixing water changes the way it behaves
- Use observation and questioning skills
- See how the behaviour of materials has useful applications in our everyday lives.

Curriculum Links:

KS1 Science: Everyday materials

KS2 Science: Properties and changes of materials

KS1 &2 Science: Working scientifically

By Science Museum Learning

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