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29th November 2019
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Christmas poetry resources for the primary classroom

As we enter December, teachers often start to think about how learning can be themed around Christmas and what work their class can produce for wonderful winter displays. Writing some Christmas poetry is a great way to teach primary classes about the festive season whilst also producing beautiful written work to be proud of. With that in mind, we’ve brought together a hand-picked collection of lessons and activities to help you during this busy period.

Christmas Performance Poetry

Christmas Performance Poetry for KS1 or KS2.

A five-lesson literacy unit of poetry planning, based on performing Christmas poetry. The planning is adaptable for Key Stages 1 and 2, with ideas included for how to use it younger or older classes.

In this unit, pupils will read the poem ‘Sly Santa Claus’ and they will consider how the sounds and language patterns come alive when the poem is read aloud, particularly focussing on the use of verbs and onomatopiea. Children will work towards creating their version of the Christmas poem and turning it into an effective performance.

The aims of the unit for pupils are:
• To listen to a classic Christmas poem being read aloud
• To identify verbs and onomatopoeic phrases
• To prepare a poetry performance by planning actions or props
• To perform a poem to an audience
• To identify successful features of a performance

The PDF file contains 5 full literacy lesson plans, copies of the poem and all accompanying pupil resources.

By KS2History

Christmas acrostic poetry

A christmas themed acrostic poetry powerpoint to use alongside a lesson.
By faye0700

Winter Poetry Word Bank

A comprehensive child centred word bank to help children write a poem about winter.


* Technical words - this is a general word bank
* Adjectives
* Similes
* Verbs
* Connections (conjunctions and connectives)
* American and British spellings (2 versions)

Please look at the document before printing to save paper - one page is a credit page for font licenses.

Original Artwork my own.
By KatQatresources

Christmas Acrostic Poetry

Christmas Acrostic Poetry

Examples poems and templates.
Great end of year activity.
By AcornTeachingResources

Christmas Story and Poetry starters

Looking for something original and different then this 20 page coloured PDF file and powerpoint is for you! It is suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 and can be adapted for SEN.
Each page is the opening of a Christmas story or a Christmas Poem. Topics included are Santa, elves, reindeer, furry animals, Christmas trees, stars, journeys and adventures.
There are three brainstorming pages related to Christmas nouns, verbs and adjectives.
By teachercellar

Christmas Stories & Poetry Templates

Just in time to start thinking about Christmas!

Included are templates that could be used for stories and poetry.
Also included are ready to use acrostic, diamante and cinquain templates.

Students can colo(u)r the fun template frames as well!

Once completed, templates could be framed to make a quick gift for someone special at Christmas.

Pgs. 22
By pimentm

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