Primary English: Phenomenal phonics ideas

Victoria Haughton
28th March 2018
Primary English: Phenomenal phonics ideas

Plunge into the world of phonics with these innovative games and classroom activities

Pupils’ understanding of phonics is integral to the development of their reading, writing and language skills. But, constantly finding new and engaging ways to tackle different sounds can be a struggle! To help you add a little pizzazz to your phonics lessons, we’ve gathered some of our favourite displays, practice sheets and games. Get stuck in!

Classroom displays

Decorate your classroom while reminding students of different phonemes and letters with these practical wall displays and supportive tools.

Alphabet wall chart (Jolly Phonics pictures)

A wall chart with capital and lower case letters with all the letter-sounds and their related Jolly Phonics image
By lynneinvalencia

Phonics Garden

Working wall style display. Build phoneme flowers in class with the key phoneme in the centre and then children can write words containing that phoneme on petals and you can add some new vocab on leaves. Also a few bees and butterflies to include HFW and tricky words onto the display. This doc also includes a display header.
By TKD86

Phonics Bookmark

Letters and Sounds Phonics colour coded bookmarks. Currently being used as a support tool for the lower able in a key stage 2 class. 'Can you collect them all?'
By bushellROE

Phonics Display - Give the Monsters a Nonsense Name

Phonics display for phases 2,3,4 and 5.

27 monster pictures and frames.
23 Phase 2 sound cards.
27 Phase 3 sound cards.
30 Phase 4 blend cards.
14 Phase 5 sound cards (not including split digraphs).

All you need to do is put squares of velcro on the frames and on the back of the sound cards and your littlies can create and read as many nonsense names as they like!

This is currently up in my classroom. I let my littlies choose the monsters that went up and they have a whale of a time making silly names in their spare moments.
By ElizaMorrell

Booklets and exercises

When it comes to phonics, practice really does make perfect! Ensure that your pupils are on the right track with these engaging worksheets, that cover digraphs, blends and tricky sounds.

Phase 3 Phonic Books

There is a book from each vowel diagraph apart from ear/air/ure which are combined in one book. Whole book is in in black and grey to save on colour ink when mass copying or printing. There is a PDF for each book so saves scrolled through trying to find the one you need.

Super Searcher (page 2) - find 10 given words that contain the sound

Match it (page 3) - read the word and match it to the correct picture

Read It Write It (pages 4 &5) - mini board game where if they land on a word they read it. Land on a picture they write the word.

Monster Mayhem (page 6) - jumbled up words for the sound

Sort, Write and Draw (page 7) - jumbled sentence that contain one or more words with the sound. They sort it out and write it, then draw a picture about it.

Ideal for sending home.
By FunkyPhonics

Phonics Blends Activity Pack

Resource Title
Phonics Blends Activity Pack
Age/Year Group
Early Years and Key Stage 1

Total Pages in download
❤ 52

File Type

Resource Content
❂ Beginning Blends Activities
❂ Over 20 Blends Posters
❂ One set of Blends jigsaw puzzles


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Polly Puddleduck ©2017
By PollyPuddleduck

Phase 3 Phonics Digraphs Activity Booklet

If you like this FREE resource PLEASE leave a review. Any suggestions for improvements are more than welcome!!

An activity booklet to encourage children to use digraphs.

Differentiated activity booklets!

Covers ch,sh,th,ng,ai,ee,igh,oa and oo.

Copyright Notice- All clip art images used were custom made for Epic Phonics and are owned by Epic Phonics.
By Epic Phonics

ch phonics activities

3 ch phonics activities: 1) match the image to the word (draw a line) (2) match the word to the image (laminate and cut up) (3) guess the hidden words from the clues
By SaveTeachersSundays

Games and activities

Surely there’s no better way to generate excitement about phonics than with a themed game? From collecting sounds to making nonsense words, there’s something to stimulate every learner.

ei phoneme spelling game

A five part 10 minute basic skills ei phoneme game aimed at upper key stage 2, ideally Year 5/ Year 6.
By ajvhind

Supertato phonic suffix game, ed, es, s, ing, er words plus prefix un Phonics screen Year 1

will you get an evil pea and have to return all your Super vegetables back to the Cauldron!

Have fun with reading words with suffixes ed, es, s, ing and er

ps i added my cuddly Supertato to the pic- i think he will have to go home with the game to keep an eye out !!
By LiziP

Battleships Phonics game

Children love to play Battleships, such a classic game and this resource uses the Battleships game to help children to practise their blending skills. Children will make lots of nonsense words with this game so it is purely on the blending and segmenting. There are 17 games altogether covering Phases 2, 3 and 4 of Letters and Sounds. There is also an instruction sheet. Great way to practise alien words for the Year 1 Phonics screening.
By Elsasupport

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