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Sian Evans
31st January 2018
Visual of child writing with help from writing support mats, checklist and other resources

Make sure every pupil in your class feels like a writing wizard with help from these supportive resources

In and out of literacy lessons, students spend a lot of time articulating themselves with the written word. With this being such an essential skill, whether they are typing or using a pen, it’s essential that we give pupils the help they need to do this to the best of their ability. And, that’s where writing supports come in.

From quick mats to be consulted mid-sentence to more in-depth tips and techniques, we’ve gathered some of the very best tools to make the process of writing run more smoothly.

KS1 resources

As young learners are getting to grips with the minefield that is the English language, there are many ways to give them some guidance. Whether they need help with ordering words in a sentence or expanding their vocabulary, these resources are a great starting point.


Creative Writing Support Words Mats for KS1

We have been trying to improve creative writing in our school and so we asked the children what stops them from writing. Many found that it’s the thought of not spelling something correctly and taking time to phonetically spell the word, for many children this is frustrating. These word mats will help with writing fluency.

6 Word Mats are included
-Seaside and The Coast
-The Ocean
-Monster Adjectives

Files are in black and white. Children may colour pictures. Word Mats can be slipped into plastic folders, this works really well.

By PollyPuddleduck


I use this to display in the classroom and the children would use it when writing. I also made smaller copies to encourage them to check each others work. Great to use when whole class teaching as well.
By cal22

Word Order - Prompt card to support writing

A simple A5 card to print and laminate to help KS1 children feel confident with ordering words in their writing. Simple photos help children to associate words with beginning / middle / end of their writing, whether fiction or non-fiction.
By tcoles_willow

KS2 resources

From fully fledged toolkits to easy-to-digest visual prompts, give your class the confidence to write fluently and accurately with these supportive resources. When tackling a variety of writing types, these familiar tools and techniques can make all the difference.


Year 3 and 4 Writing Knowledge Organsier / Toolkit by Mr A, Mr C and Mr D Present

This all-in-one pack is filled with word banks, explanations and examples to support Year 3 and 4 children with their writing. It is jam-packed with information, brightly coloured pictures and child-friendly vocabulary.

In line with the interim framework for writing, this pack allows children to edit, re-draft and consider their writing by using resources, displays and word banks.

Pages include:
Clause Structures
Co-ordinating Conjunctions
Fronted Adverbials
Inverted Commas
Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs
Punctuation (other)
Subordinating Conjunctions
Year 3 and 4 Spelling Patterns / Words
By mracdpresent

Year 5 and 6 Complete Writing Support Pack (39 pages) - 18 A4 Learning Mats and 21 A3 Posters

This resource is aimed at year 5 and 6 teachers to assist with writing. It combines both of my support packs:
- 18 A4 learning mats
- 21 A3 posters

The pack covers the following areas: Sentence Types (single and multi-clause), Conjunctions, Sentence Openers, Relative Clauses, Cohesive Phrases, Parenthesis, Expanded Noun Phrases, Dialogue, Commas, Semi-colons and Colons, Passive Voice, Modal Verbs, Paragraphs, Shifts in Formality, Verb Forms, Subjunctive Form and Spellings.
By MrMTeach

Writing Help Mat

These writing help mats have been made for Year 6 in mind but can easily be used with other children.

Simply print out the two pages and laminate them back to back to give children a work mat to help their writing and ensure they are addressing a number of the statements required for end of Key Stage writing assessments.

Included are:
The spelling word list for Year 5/6
Help for when to use paragraphs
Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
Modal and passive verbs
Cohesive devices
Punctuating Speech
Some areas of punctuation
By krisgreg30

Resources for students with SEN

Breaking down a writing task into digestible chunks, such as specific words or sentences, can make the whole thing a lot easier. Why not check out some of the ways that the Tes community are supporting their students?


Picture Supported Sentence Maker for Autism Units

------- Sentence Maker with Visual Supports… Perfect for Students with Autism!-------

Having meaningful activities in your classroom for independent work stations, direct teacher instruction, or daily warm ups is important. This is perfect for that!

Visual Supports for Writing can really make the difference between meaningful writing and passive task completion. Using this sentence maker supports students who are still working on pre-writing skills or that need lots of support to produce writing samples.

Included in this 10 page printable are:
--> 12 Visual Writing Prompts
--> Sentence Stem: ‘The ____ is ____.’
--> 28 Visual Icons for Sentence Building

Picture supports are not identical to the visuals in the photo prompt, so students have to generalize and think deeper.

This resource was created by Ayodele Jones © 2016. All rights reserved by author. The materials in this unit were distributed and intended for single use only. The purchaser may reproduce copies for students in your classroom for classroom use only. You may not share with other teachers in your building, district, or otherwise. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the internet is strictly prohibited. Violations are subject to penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Additional licenses can be purchased for multi-use at a discount. Please contact the author at
By Noodle Nook

Tricky word bricks

Complete set of tricky words on bricks, can be used as a word mat to support reading / writing in lessons, or used for display.

One in colour, and the other in black and white - which could be used as a resource for children to colour in the words they can read / spell.
By AcornTeachingResources

How to write guide

Simple PPT and Word Template to enable those students who find writing challenging.
By hobbsy72

Sentence Writing: High-Frequency Word Frames

This resource involves pupils creating sentences with the use of writing frames that contain many of the first one hundred high-frequency words. Writing sentences and reading them back helps pupils to embed and consolidate these words which they will then be able to use freely in their writing.

It is an ideal resource for young pupils and older pupils who have difficulty with writing and reading independently. It is particularly appropriate for SEN students. who find reading and writing challenging. The support of the frame makes sentence writing accessible and gives pupils a feeling of confidence - that they can do it! Often the key to success in getting pupils to write is giving them self-confidence. I have used these frames successfully over many years to get older SEN students motivated to read and write independently.

The resource includes:

Ten high-frequency word writing frames containing most of the first hundred high-frequency words -containing nouns, verbs and prepositions.
Accompanying writing sheet for use with the frames.
This resource can be laminated and used time and time again.

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