Primary English: Speaking and listening tools

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17th January 2020
Primary English: Speaking and listening tools

Help your pupils to find their voices with this selection of discussion, presentation and debate ideas

Speaking and listening skills are essential for learners’ development. Not only do they help to build their self-esteem, but the ability to present and debate with confidence will help pupils throughout their educational and adult lives. For that reason, we’ve selected some of our favourite activities and supportive tools, designed to build younger students' language abilities.


Reception Speaking and Listening Activities

Here are a selection of speaking and listening games for Reception or Nursery. Good for CLL/PSE carpet sessions, developing speaking skills, ice breakers or games when meeting your new class!
By kaw87

Speaking and Listening Game ( I have / Who Has ) for EYFS/KS1/ESL/ELL

An ideal game for building up speaking and listening skills, perfect for Early Years, Key Stage 1 or ESL/ELL students.
Over 30 Game Cards
Bright and colourful cards. Laminate for long term durability.
By PollyPuddleduck

Let's Talk (Speaking and Listening) Feelings

Lets talk cards which ask the do you feel when...? Explores feelings and emotions and would be great for EYFS/KS1 and for SEn as it uses widgit symbols. Brigh colourful designs make the crads a bit more engaging for group work activities.
By benpartridge

Loop cards - speaking and listening

“I have…who has…” loop cards of 6 categories. Fun and engaging speaking and listening activity. Great way of developing core vocabulary.

2 levels of cards
WITH WRITTEN NAMES OF OBJECTS- students read the sentence and use the picture to say what they have and ask the next question.

WITHOUT WRITTEN NAMES: Students develop vocabulary knowledge by having to fill in the end of the sentence using the picture cue.

5 categories

  • Transport
  • Sport
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Clothes
  • Animals

12 cards for each category. 144 cards in total

By ASpecialKindOfEnglish


Speaking and Listening assessment

Every year I would get my KS1 classes to do 2 or 3 talks. The first was usually about themselves, the second on a topic related non-fiction subject e.g. an animal and if I did a 3rd it varied in focus from poetry to a favourite toy to explain something they had made etc. I completed this using peer observation and or teacher observation. As I kept these pasted in their literacy books (alongside a picture of them in their talk) it was useful to see progress and helped me with evidence when writing reports. Often I would send a copy home for parents too as immediate feedback, I especially found it useful when I found myself out of class so that observations were consistent by whoever covered me.
By joymears

Speaking and Listening Skills power point

A power point used in a lesson focusing on speaking and listening skills. Includes acronyms for 'speak&' and &';listen'. Integrates music - listening to instruments, very engaging! Follows on from a literacy lesson on &'London&';s Burning' nursery rhyme, but could be adapted to encourage good speaking and listening skills in any area of the curriculum.
By FDCunningham


The Pyramid Game Speaking and Listening Starter

A starter game for teams. One member of each team sits with their back to the screen/board - the others have to describe what appears inside the pyramids. Use a timer or stopwatch if you have one - the team who complete their pyramid in the shortest time win. Just change the words in the triangles to make your own pyramids as well!
By londinius

Speaking and Listening – Mr Stink

Speaking and Listening – Mr Stink

Complete Lesson on Speaking and Listening, Taking Part in a Debate, Related to Mr Stink by David Walliams

This download includes a complete, lesson on the sixth chapter of the book Mr Stink by David Walliams. Children will read and discuss the chapter. There is a PowerPoint to explain the activity and then practice with speaking and listening and debating a point. Children can then plan and create a poster, before delivering their own argument. There is also a short chapter summary sheet for children to complete to reflect on the chapter read. You will need a copy of the book Mr Stink; everything else needed is included in this download.

This download includes:
- Full and detailed lesson plan
- PowerPoint slides for the lesson
- Example Poster
- Planning sheets
- Chapter review sheets

Thanks for looking 
This is the sixth lesson in my Mr Stink unit the first is here.
Thanks for looking.
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By The Ginger Teacher

Debating - Speaking and Listening Lesson Plan and Character Cards

Year 3/4 English - debating on the topic 'Expanding An Airport' lesson plan and character cards:

- debating lesson plan.
- debating character cards.

There is a PDF of all of the files and an editable version of each file (you just need to delete the watermark logo from each of the editable files).

You can find more KS2 English lesson plans, worksheets and teaching resources on the Save Teachers' Sundays website.
By SaveTeachersSundays

Speaking and Listening

A short powerpoint to use with KS2 pupils to remind them how to be effective at speaking and listening.

Could be adapted and used as a poster.

V2 Version 2, similar info, different style
By judesd

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