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Sian Evans
13th December 2017
Pens ready for KS1 and KS2 pupils to explore creative writing with these top resources

Let young learners' imaginations run wild with help from these creative writing resources

Creative writing can be one of the most rewarding aspects of literacy, however the terror of a blank page can panic even the most willing writers in your class. So, to make sure every pupil has the confidence to put pen to paper, we've selected some of the very best lessons, activities and help sheets, all created by the Tes community. 

KS1 resources

Get the ball rolling and the words flowing with these easy-to-use prompts and story openers. With a little encouragement, your KS1 classes are guaranteed to enjoy playing around with ideas and inventing new characters.


Story Wheel Picture Prompts for Writing for KS1

This pack includes 20 Story Wheel Picture Prompts.

Laminate for long term durability.

Prompts cover different themed areas such as Family and Animals.

If the pictures are too easy for your HA, why not try my Story Word Wheels! You can find them in my shop!
By PollyPuddleduck

Story openers cards

A selection of cards with story starters on.
By ruthbentham

Creative Writing Character Envelopes

Ten Blank Envelopes with a range of familiar book character names on the front. Students create and write an address for the character and design a stamp to match.
By loretolady

English Creative Writing Ideas

Slow writers? The children will love this resource. I have included a PDF file and Powerpoint Presentation for classroom discussion. There is a printable workbook with pictures and ideas for imaginative and descriptive writing. Stimulating creative writing for KS1 and poorer KS2.
Topics include:
imagine you are on a train, a plane and a ship what can you see?:- writing lists
imagine you are a superhero what are your powers?:- thinking skills
imagine you are a leaf falling from a tree tell me what happens next?:-inanimate objects
imagine you are a spaceman what food and drink will you have?:- writing lists
imagine you are a fairy on top of a Christmas tree what can you see,?:- imaginative writing
who lives in a house like this and what is it made from?:- thinking skills and materials for science
imagine you are a caterpillar, tell me your life story.:- Science life cycles
Great for differentation and for the less able pupils.

imagine living in a house like this, imagine being a monster andlots more.
By teachercellar

KS2 resources

As students' language skills develop, setting these creative writing challenges is a great way of allowing them to draw upon the breadth of their vocabulary. Plus, older learners are more attuned to how certain words can create emotion in their stories.


Creative Writing Story Prompts

KS2 / early KS3 imaginative / descriptive writing story starters cards in a dyslexia-friendly format. Although originally designed for reluctant writers and those with additional support needs (ASN / SEN) in Year 5 and 6, they can be used across a range of abilities and ages to spark ideas for imaginative stories. They can be used as warm ups, early finishers activities and as a framework for free writing sessions. Each of the 20 A4 card features a photo / picture stimulus, a starter sentence or part-sentence to help launch children into their fiction writing, some prompt questions to get ideas going, a word bank and some suggested openers to add variety to their writing. A box at the bottom reminds pupils to read their work aloud, check for full stops and capital letters and common spellings. These story generator cards contain a range of subjects and genres including sport, mystery, humour, fantasy and historical.

This is my most popular resource and it is TES RECOMMENDED. UK and US English versions included, with spellings and references to ‘full stops’ and ‘periods’ etc amended as appropriate.

They have been designed to offer maximum support for dyslexic learners and those with similar barriers to learning. The Verdana font and spacing used are both dyslexia-friendly and the pastel background colours are designed to reduce glare. Both the UK and US cards are also included with the background colours removed and could be used if printing on pastel paper or card.

Although they could be used to support the writing of a full story, the cards work well as a regular tool to support struggling writers in one-to-one or small group sessions, where pupils write a few sentences inspired by the prompts, without worrying about completing a story. There’s plenty of variety so children could choose the cards that appeal to them.

I hope these save you some time and help your learners experience success in writing. Many thanks. You can also get this resource in a range of great value BUNDLES (see below).

You might be interested in these fun resources for developing children’s variety of sentence structures and vocabulary:
Improving Sentences (Uplevelling Trails)
Super Sentences (Complex Sentence Writing Activity)
Sensational Sentences (Complex Sentence Writing Activity)

For engaging, time-saving printables and presentations to help plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, visit FullShelf Resources

By FullShelf

A New Dinosaur Fun Creative Writing or Big Writing Lesson VCOP + Audience Purpose Genre

A complete, engaging, imaginative, creative writing or Big Writing stimuli lesson that can be applied to many different writing genres. Children discuss ideas and then plan by answering the thought provoking questions which enable a wealth of ideas to be generated for the writing. Planning sheet has space for 5 sense descriptions, VCOP elements and purpose, audience and genre notes to help meet the new 2014 curriculum. Starter activity, 2 widths of line guides/writing sheets included plus optional paragraph planning sheet, custom art sheet and self-assessment plenary activity mean that this lesson's length is flexible and could easily last for 2 hours if you wanted it to and comes with 3 different options for delivery over 1,2 or 3 lessons. Lesson is aimed at KS2 but can be used for more able KS1, or KS3 as it is differentiated by outcome.
By TheFutureTeacherFoundation

Crazy Creatures Drawing and Creative Writing Activity for 7-11 Year-Olds

Use the fun, colourful worksheet to inspire pupils aged 7-11 to draw their creature, plan their work and then write a mini saga, a story in 100 words, about their crazy creature!

You can also use this fun video to introduce the activity to pupils:

Ignore any information with dates on as you can use this activity in your class whenever you like. Resources are easily adaptable to different ages and abilities. We hope you have fun creating your own Crazy Creatures and stories about them!
By YoungWriters

Creative Writing homework sheets 1-5

These first five homework sheets are designed to encourage emotional, intellectual and imaginative responses from pupils, focusing on dialogue and description and ending in tasking pupils to write their own story incorporating specific events.
By benberry

Supportive materials

All writers can benefit from visual reminders and structured support to help gather together ideas and express them imaginatively and accurately. So, pens at the ready, what are you waiting for?


Story Sentence Starters & Openers: writing ideas

A small display pack designed to give writers ideas for story sentence starters or openers. Each A5 sheet has a type of sentence and an example (or two) of the sentence. Each sentence has a picture to accompany it. Sentence types include where, when or who the action is related to, short sentences, alliteration, drop in clause, 3 actions etc.

By bevevans22

Creative writing checklist for Key Stage 1

A checklist for KS1 pupils to remind them of some important features of interesting and exciting written compositions.

PDF and a .pub (Microsoft Publisher) file for editing.
By HarryAndrews

Template for writing a simple story plan

Template for KS1 pupils for plan a story. Has space for a character, setting, beginning, middle and end.
By jubeds

Visual Writing Prompts with Word Supports for ALL students

These engaging, visual writing prompts with choice will get even your most reluctant writer writing! They are also useful for ELL as they offer a lot of writing support! These are perfect for Writer's Workshop, Work on Writing during Daily 5, Writing Centers, Substitute Teachers, Fast Finishers, or made into writing journals! Each prompt has a three different sections where your students can choose from a few characters, settings, and plot choices. They can also choose all of them!

This product includes:
4 Narrative Story Prompts
2 Descriptive Prompts
2 Compare and Contrast Prompts
and 2 Opinion Prompts
These writing prompts are print and go, they are at the top of the paper that your students will do their writing on.
All the prompts (except the compare and contrast prompts) come with 3 different choices for printing: grey and white lines, primary lines, plain lines, or a prewriting/drawing space.
Paper choices to print on the back side include: grey and white stripes whole page, primary lines whole page, plain lines whole page, grey and white lines with space for a picture, and primary lines with a space for a picture, and plain lines with space for a picture.
By The Primary Planet

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