Primary English: Handwriting and letter formation skills

Sian Evans
12th September 2017

Booklets, worksheets and visual aids to support learners as they master letter formation and neat handwriting 

It may not be the most exciting activity at school but every teacher knows that getting pupils to write legibly is as necessary as conquering tricky spellings, grammar and punctuation. As there are no quick wins, we know how important it is to find tried-and-tested resources that will offer your students the support they need, from developing pencil skills to tackling cursive handwriting. So, we've done the hard work for you...

Handwriting patterns

Start with the basics. From superhero-themed handwriting patterns to fine motor skills activities, young learners will appreciate taking the time to get used to the pencil before moving on to the different shapes of the alphabet.


Superhero Cursive Writing Sheets

This Superhero handwriting workbook has been designed to help four to five year old’s master the essential patterns associated with cursive, or joined up handwriting. These seven cursive writing worksheets allow the child to trace over the dotted lines and practice pencil movements that are used to write letters.

Help superheroes such as Captain Neutron, Mega Bat and Shadow Hex fight crime and save the day by successfully and accurately following the dotted lines. On completion, the child will receive their very own certificate of completion and will have mastered the basic patterns needed for cursive handwriting.

About Help with Handwriting:
This resource has been designed by myself, Sheilagh Blyth, using over 20 years of school-based occupational therapy experience and the latest handwriting research. It is suitable for all children in your class including those with special educational needs.

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By HelpwithHandwriting

Pre-writing: KS1 motor skills practice

For children who need help on their fine motor skills! Worksheet with lines for children to trace.
By twinkle_Twin

Pencil Skills Workbook

A simple workbook that helps to develop good pencil control, practising left and right fine motor control, while at the same time reinforcing 2D shapes.
By julsgate

The Little Red Hen Early writing tracing patterns

This resource is useful for when you are using the Little Red Hen story in class and are practicing early writing with your children. It includes 6 pages with writing patterns, a picture from the story and a word from the story for children to trace over.
By TeachersTimeTurner

Letter formation tasks

Visual aids are a fundamental way of getting pupils to become familiar with all 26 letters, whether you opt for tracing over the arrows or watching the movement of the pencil. And, don't forget that grouping letters of similar shapes and sizes can make the whole task seem less daunting. 


Cursive messy letter formation cards linked to RWI

I plan on laminating these so children can put pasta, foam, sand, or just use whiteboard pen to go over the outlines of all Phase 2 and Phase 3 singular sounds.

Includes RWI ditties for letter formation & has picture relating to the ditty/sound.

Note: g, f, y, j are not included as we don't do the exit strokes so I plan to just do these myself with pen.

The outline of the letter with the arrow has come from a twinkl resource, I&'ve just used and adapted this to make the resource. Feedback appreciated, thanks!
By alrightmebabbers

Handwriting - Letter Formation Visual Aids

Letter formation:

This is a handy set of printables that serve as visual cues and reminds of the formation of letters for your beginning writers. The giraffe, chicken and monkey method is beautifully illustrated using blue skylines and brown ground lines to help students to eventually remember which letters sit where using the three-line handwriting format.

In this set you get the posters and individual letter tiles for your students to manipulate.

A Teacher's Idea


Alphabet - Letter Writing Starter Sheets (From A to Z). -This is a set of alphabet writing sheets, tracing mats and playdough learning mats for your young learners.

Alphabet Writing - {Visual Clue Posters and Cards}. These were created and inspired by my 5 year olds who showed some difficulty with the formation of letters. These are an enhancement to the sketches and visual images that I drew on the whiteboard to help them remember the directions and start points.


I pride myself on creating quality resources for teachers and students alike. Every effort has been made to make this resource error free. Should you find a mistake please let me know in the "Ask a Question" section or email me prior to feedback and I will quickly fix it. You can then redownload the corrected version for free! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

All Rights Reserved by © Nicole Hernandez . This product is to be used by the original downloader ONLY. Copying for more than one teacher, classroom, department, school, or school system is prohibited. No part of this resource maybe posted on a blog (personal or commercial), webpage/site, server, or other location that is accessible by multiple people. Violations of this notice are subject to the penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Intended for classroom and personal use ONLY. Thank you for respecting my work!
By Nicole Hernandez

Basic Letter Formation for the IWB (Sassoon Infant font)

A presentation with animations of letter formation. Letters can be repeated as often as necessary and chosen in random order via action buttons. Small animation of initial sound object/word to match each letter (x is represented by end sound: box and fox). This will work even if you do not have the Sassoon font installed as the letters/writing have been converted into jpegs. The second presentation has a long f and looped k for those who would like an alternative.

By bevevans22

Alphabet and CVC Words Tracing Cards for Fine Motor Skills

54 illustrated tracing cards for learning to form letters and write CVC words.

Students will practice individual letter formation on the ABC cards and within words on the CVC word cards. These can be laminated and used over and over with a dry erase marker.

There is one card for each letter of the alphabet, showing both upper and lower case, and 28 cards with CVC words. The letters and words are printed in a dashed tracing font with guide lines.
By FishyTeacher

Handwriting practice

There is nothing better than old-fashioned practice, practice, practice. But repetition doesn't have to be dull! From creating handwriting dictionaries to completing pages of themed workbooks, here are a variety of ways of keeping your class engaged again and again. 


Cursive Handwriting Activity Pack

This Cursive Handwriting Activity Pack contains more than 20 worksheets for handwriting lessons! Perfect for Early Finishers and/or emergency handwriting cover lessons!

File is PDF Format.

Ideal for KS1/lower KS2
By PollyPuddleduck

Cursive Handwriting Booklets and Sheets - Updated

A series of handwriting booklets, each based on a specific handwriting skill (forming the anticlockwise letters, the tall letters, etc.). If you preview the resource using the preview window then it may look wrongly formatted but when if you download it and open it then everything will be laid out correctly.

Update July 2016: updated to join up ALL of the letters correctly. If there any issues or anything that I've missed, then please tell me in the comments and I can adapt the master copies.
By TheLorax

Handwriting | Handwriting Practice | Print

PLEASE NOTE THE TITLE - this handwriting workbook is for PRINT handwriting only. There is no ‘joined up’ handwriting included in this pack - thank you!

This Practice Makes Perfect read, trace, write, and draw handwriting workbook was created for Year 2, but I believe it would also be beneficial other students who require extra practice with handwriting skills.
I hope it proves to be both challenging and fun for your students as they practise reading, tracing, writing and drawing.

✎ The first page helps practice handwriting formation and includes a word beginning with the focus letter, along with a picture cue. Students can also colour, as well as identify words beginning with the focus letter and illustrate these.

✎ The second page allows students to read, trace and write a phrase containing a word beginning with the focus letter and identifies additional words for the students to trace and illustrate.

✎ A front cover can be added from a choice of 3.

✎ This handwriting pack can be used for morning work, independent work or may be used in a whole group setting.

✎ The pages may be copied back to back and stapled as a booklet.



• Cover/TOU/Credits
• Teacher Notes
• Workbook Front Covers
• Handwriting Workbook




By TeachersToolkit

Handwriting Dictionary

A handwriting booklet that can be used as a dictionary. Students can add words to each letter in their dictionary as they learn new words and sounds.

Each letter has its own page and space for various words beginning with each letter.
At the back their is a second dictionary template with a space for a picture and handwriting line. Each page is lettered from a-z. Blank page included for you to write specific words.

I will also personalise each booklet with your students names (up to 40 booklets per purchase). I have included my email address for you to contact me if you would like me to do this. This is included within the booklet.

***Full printable booklet is the final file (Handwriting-Dictionary.pdf). Other files are for preview
By Top Marks Teaching Resources

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