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Sian Evans
06th June 2018
Collection of books for research projects and book projects within KS1 and KS3 literacy lessons

Pick up a literacy project today to help KS1 and KS2 students delve deeper into an area of interest

Projects are the perfect way to investigate a topic in much great depth, while simultaneously practising a range of key reading and writing skills. If you're looking to give your class a challenge this term, then you're in the right place! We've hand-picked just some of the best resources to get you started…

Book projects

Empower learners to be excited about fiction and share that love with their peers using these tried-and-tested resources. Whether they create their own stories or offer recommendations to others, these in-depth projects are a great way to celebrate literature.


Adventure Book Maker

Everything you need to make your own adventure book - easily!

These books are great fun to make and read. The children really like the fact that they get to make choices along the way and choose the path their adventure takes.

This includes…

1. Book template
Four sheets which can be either double sided or stuck together. Cut along the dotted line and fold to make an A5 book with all the pages in the right order. The pages are numbered and each page tell you which page(s) to go to next. The children just need to write the story - 16 pages altogether.

2. Adventure Story Planner 1
This diagram shows the route through the book and will help them to plan their story.

3. Adventure Story Planner 2
Three pages with boxes which correspond to the pages in the book. The boxes are highlighted grey when the quest needs to end.



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By davlae

Imaginary Country Pop-up Book Project

This project asks pupils to make up their own 'imaginary country' and write a short story about an adventure they have there. They will write and illustrate the story inside a simple pop-up book, and will look at interesting adverbs and adjectives. The project also covers Geography, as pupils are asked to describe various aspects of their new countries and design flags. Existing countries and their flags could also be discussed. A fun, flexible project which encompasses story-writing, Art and Design and Geography! Please comment if you liked/used this resource.
By knittedowl

Book Character Day Project: A Great Way to Finish the School Year

Book Character Day Project is a great way to finish the year creatively and with great fun. The purpose of the project is to instill the love of reading in students as well as improving their literacy skills by allowing them to express themselves creatively. It is also a great way for the students to choose their summer books as their friends' recommendations are much more important and effective for this age group.

Take your students to the library and ask them to choose a book that they haven't read before. Give them a month to read the book in their free time. Alternatively, you can ask them to choose a character from a novel they read during the school year. Then, give them the project task sheet in the attachment and two weeks to complete it to be ready for the day. In our school we use the hallway to conduct the project. We put tables in the hallway for the students to display their projects and decorate the hallway with posters on reading and student work (book reports, posters, etc. the students prepared previously during the year). Each class is given one lesson period to present their books and favourite characters. Their audience includes students from other classes at the same level, the parents, and the teachers. If you don't have enough space in the hallway, you can do it in your classroom or in the library.

The task sheet in the attachment includes information on how to prepare for the for the day and how to present the project as well as the tasks. It also includes some photos from the Book Character Day we organized at our school. The tasks include two graphic organizers, preparing a digital word cloud, a bio cube, and a (fake) social media profile page for the favourite character, writing a bio poem, a journal entry, a letter from the favorite character to another character in the book, creating a poster with visuals and all the task sheets, guidelines on preparing a book talk . There are also three rubrics - for the letter, poster and the book talk and a self assessment form for the students to complete at the end of the project. You can also prepare a feedback form for the parents if you are going to invite them. The rubrics have not been graded. If you are going to grade this project, add the marking scheme to the rubrics before you give them to your students.
By aysinalp58

Research projects

Inspire inquisitive minds to read and recover essential information before writing it up in an informative way. Here are just a few fun ways of engaging young learners and giving them the key skills they need to conquer research.


Teddy bear research homework sheet

Please leave feedback - I'm a trainee! Homework sheet for school holidays - research for ourinfo texts on teddy bears!
By missboult

Animal Research Report

Animal Report Packet for Primary Grades
We have developed this report template and additional worksheets, organizers, tools and forms to use for your students to create, develop, write, edit, illustrate, present, and assess their animal report. This template can be for their formal report or utilized as a study guide to develop their report for them to type or write on their own. This packet contains the following:

• Template includes: Topic, Introduction, Description, Habitat/ Special Characteristics, Life Cycles, Eating Habits, Predators/Prey, How Animal Protects Itself, Communication, Closely Related Relatives, Interesting and Unusual Facts, Would it make a good pet, and Conclusion. We have provided additional lined sheets to add additional information; copy as many as needed.
• Templates for pictures, Maps, and Illustrations.
• A page to help your students find information for their report.
• Resource page and Bibliography Template- I use the Resource Page template because my students are not ready to learn the rules of a true bibliography, but if you teach bibliography skills I have included a template for you.
• Tree Map Graphic Organizers for student planning and a blank Tree Map page if you’d like your students to draw their own map.
• Note Taking page for students to take notes and a note taking page in bullet format. Copy as needed.
• A Powerpoint page if you’d like your students to create a Powerpoint.
• A Projects page if you’d like your students to create a project.
• An Oral Presentation Information Sheet.
• Rubrics- Performance Task for the Written Report, Powerpoint, Project, and Oral Reports.
• Animal Report Checklist for students to check if all performance tasks are completed and included.
• Editing and Revising Checklist.
• Common Core Standards page that can be hung near the student reports on a bulletin board to cite the Common Core Writing Standard being taught.
• Teacher Ideas.
• Landscape worksheets - I recreated some of the graphic organizers and illustration sheets in landscape page orientation if you’d wish to substitute these pages for the portrait worksheets.

If you like this product, please check back soon as we will be posting new products in the near future. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will promptly help you. Thank you!
The Teacher Team
Copyright 2013 Carol Beaumont
All Rights Reserved by Author
Permission to copy for single classroom use only
Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.
By theteacherteam

Biography Research Report / William Shakespeare Biography worksheet

About this Product:

Great for literacy class, homework, reading, writing and Social Studies.
This pack includes everything you need to help your students write a biography research project.

Learning outcomes
Students will:

  • research important events throughout their person’s life.
  • place their information in an essay format, after completing research and organizer.
    -read the articles and answer basic questions about their famous person
    using these Biography Research templates.
    -read texts on a specific famous person using a student encyclopedia.
    -learn how to use basic research skills to answer specific questions about this famous person.
    -learn how to take notes, rather than copy exact sentences from the encyclopedia.

This is an informational reading and writing assignment unit for upper elementary students and EFL/ESL students. It can be utilized equally in an ELA class or a Social Studies class.

If you are looking for a fun, exciting way to research famous people, then this is the project for you.

I’ve included:

- Shakespeare’s Life
- Fill in the blanks
- 10 Facts writing worksheet
- Biography Research Worksheet
- Sequencing Timeline Worksheet
- Shakespeare’s Famous Sayings and Phrases
- Timeline of Shakespeare’s Main Works
- Biography report worksheets
- Profile template
- Mini biography report
- Face Foldable biography activity
- Biography Story map
- Influences and reflection writing template
- Asking and Answering Questions
- Life Lessons writing template
and more…

Total page: 60

By lastlawn

Research topic - Mount Everest

Write a short report about Mount Everest. Look at the questions below and include the answers in your report.
By Primary Leap

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