Primary English: Comprehension tasks

Sian Evans
15th November 2017
Young child writing to demonstrate comprehension tasks within primary English lessons

Build confidence when tackling comprehension using these original workbooks, question sheets and presentations

Reading and fully understanding what we have read is so part and parcel of everyday life that we can forget it is a skill that has to be taught at a young age. That’s why we’ve hand-picked some of the very best comprehension resources, designed to help students extract the right pieces of information with ease.

KS1 resources

As young learners constantly digest a wealth of new knowledge, make sure that they are able to identify and communicate the key points using these straightforward activities. From fiction to non-fiction, these resources are ideal for captivating adventurous thinkers.


KS1 and Early Years English Reading Comprehensions

This pack contains 30 close reading comprehensions and questions that are suitable for Reception to Year 2 depending on the ability of your students.

There are a range of comprehensions that gradually get harder and require the students to read and answer more questions as they progress through each comprehension. The initial comprehensions are simpler and have 3 questions and build up to more complex passages with 9 questions by the final comprehensions.

These are great to use for whole class activities, guided reading, or both independent and supported work or homework.

These are based on the reading outcomes from the National Curriculum for Year 1 and 2.

Please note these are not the same as my 10 Early Years reading comprehensions. These are more complex.

Suitable for Year 1 and 2 and lower KS2 for lower ability students.

See my shop for more resources

By Top Marks Teaching Resources

Non fiction Dinosaur Comprehension

Non Fiction text about Dinosaurs with questions used for comprehension homework. Please rate and review, any feedback or suggestions for improvement would be most appreciated too! :) For further comprehension texts please view and review my other resources :)
By PandaPop25

Phonic Comprehension Worksheets KS1 (Yr 2)

Here are my first few attempts at making comprehension texts for my Literacy set. They are simple stories that I have written or extended from others that I have read. Some have phonic sound focuses and include phase 5 words. They are the original versions but can be adapted by reducing the content of the story and altering the question style. I have used these with my year 2s and as there is a fair range of ability in the class I have adapted them accordingly. Please rate and review them, any feedback or suggestions for improvement would be most appreciated too! :)
By PandaPop25

Reading Comprehensions with Questions (KS1)

Included in this download
-15 Reading Comprehensions. One comprehension per A4 page. Questions included. Can be used in class or as homework tasks.
- differentiated reading comprehensions typically for KS1/lower KS2.
The comprehensions can be read to the children and/or they can read alone.
These can be used as part of a creative writing task, reading task- closed or guided and/or listening test.

For children that are able to answer questions – questions are included. Should you decide not to use these, they can be cut off.

Comprehensions include but not limited to-

The Airport
The Astronaut
Big Bugs
Spots and Stripes
Furry Animals

By PollyPuddleduck

KS2 resources

For older learners, these extensive collections of comprehension exercises are perfect for challenging them to delve deeper into texts, answering questions on factual and inferred information. With a range of topics, there really is something for everyone.


Comprehensions for KS2

A 20 page workbook of original fact, fiction and poetry extracts with comprehension questions.
Suitable for KS2 or low ability KS3.
There are prose passages, fact sheets and poetry.
Topics covered in the workbook are:
Stone Age
Health and Sport
By teachercellar

KS2 Comprehensions (Fiction Pack)

This is a collection of 18 fiction comprehensions. Each short extract represents a different fiction genre and comes with a range of comprehension questions. They are designed to be used weekly during comprehension or guided reading sessions, but could also be used for dictations, analysing grammar/punctuation techniques or as writing starters. Also included is a 72 page flipchart (ActivInspire - interactive; PowerPoint and PDF format) comprised of each fiction text and the accompanying questions - great for feeding back as a class and discussing the best answers for each question.

Genres: Adventure, Suspense, War, Science-Fiction, Wild West, Fantasy, Classic Horror, Comedy, Superhero, Myth, Pirate, Crime, Thriller, Fairy Tale, Legend, Fable, Play-script, Folk Tale

Objectives Covered:

Develop positive attitudes to reading and understanding of what they read by:
Listening to and discussing a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks
Increasing their familiarity with a wide range of books
Understand what they read, in books they can read independently, by:
Checking that the text makes sense to them, discussing their understanding, and explaining the meaning of words in context
Asking questions to improve their understanding of a text
Drawing inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence
Predicting what might happen from details stated and implied
Identifying main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph and summarising these
Identifying how language, structure, and presentation contribute to meaning
Retrieve and record information from non-fiction
Provide reasoned justifications for their views

ALSO AVAILABLE: The Non-Fiction Pack or The Fiction & Non-Fiction Pack

KS2 Non-Fiction Comprehensions
KS2 Fiction & Non-Fiction Comprehensions

More like this...

KS2 Dictionary & Thesaurus Pack
KS2 Singapore Method Problem Solving
KS2 Tracking and Reporting
By mrajlong

Reading Comprehension tasks Year 4

A set of Reading Comprehension homework tasks linked to the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.
By klbgreen

Year 3 and 4 Comprehension Pack

Value your time, and smash your progress targets with our comprehension packs.

With a range of text types, dedicated grammar and vocabulary tasks, textual analysis and comprehension questions, you will be all set for any reading block. And for those of you who need to track each child’s progress, our handy 5-page trackers will allow you to identify the reading skills taught and give you the evidence you need for your folder. Aimed at Year 3 and Year 4 (or Grade 2/3), these packs can be used for reading intervention students in Year 5 and 6.

20 texts

*Please note, you will need to extract/unzip the files after downloading to ensure they all open correctly.

Also available in the same format:
Year 3:
Year 4:
Year 5:
Year 6:
Year 4 and 5:
Year 5 and 6:
Year 3 to 6:

By TeachingWEase

Supportive materials

By breaking down comprehension tasks into digestible chunks, these strategies are perfect for supporting pupils who are struggling as well as offering all students a way of consolidating their understanding. 


Reading Comprehension Methods

PowerPoint presentation on 'How to answer questions about a story&' - Reading Comprehension Methods - 5 Steps to an answer with good grammar and sentence structure - Three Blind Mice example
By MaiaMounsher

Reading Comprehension Games - KS2 Year 6. SATS style questions made fun.

These games are designed to make reading comprehension exciting and enjoyable.

2 board games that make reading comprehension fun! The text is in the middle of the game board and the questions test a range of areas that will appear on the upcoming SATS. My year 6 class had a blast.

All you need is a die and some counters!

Year 6 teacher? Please check out my other tried and tested resources.

By andrewchown

Reading Comprehension Strategies Bundle

This bundle includes reading comprehension quick reference guides, study guides, and progress monitoring forms. The reference guides and study guides include graphic organizers and prompts/sentence stems for multiple reading comprehension strategies. You may choose to use these for your own reference during small group instruction. Students can use add them to their Reader’s Notebooks to help them apply the strategies while reading and review the previously taught strategies. You may also choose to send these to parents to provide them with a resource to help their child with reading at home. The prompts and graphic organizers are good way to help students prepare for questions they may see on assessments and standardized tests. The progress monitoring forms are a great way for you to track students’ mastery of the comprehension skills throughout the year.

Bundle Includes:

Metacognitive Strategies:
- Asking Questions
- Determining Importance
- Monitoring Comprehension
- Making Connections
- Making Inferences
- Summarizing & Synthesizing
- Visualizing

Comprehension Skills:
- Character Analysis
- Story Elements
- Compare & Contrast
- Fact & Opinion
- Author's Purpose
- Cause & Effect
- Main Idea
- Sequencing
- Making Predictions
- Plot
- Making Judgments
By thereadingroundup

Reading Comprehension

I love creating things to help my students slow down and think about what they are reading! Reading comprehension is such an important skill for kids to learn, and these printables will help your students practice reading and comprehending!

Here's what is included:

10 pages where students will:
• read a CVC word and color the matching picture
• look at a picture and trace the CVC word that names the picture
• read a sentence and answer two questions about it (multiple choice)

10 pages where students will:
• read a sentence and draw a picture about it
• answer two questions about the sentence (short answer)

10 pages where students will:
• read a short story (3 sentences) and draw a picture about it
• answer two yes/no questions about the story
• answer one question about the story (short answer)

10 pages where students will:
• read 9 short phrases (3-5 words) and draw a small picture to match the words
By kisforkinderrific

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