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Nicola Davison
23rd June 2016
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Brighten up your classroom for the new academic year with these unique display packs

The weeks just before the summer holidays are the perfect time to get creative in your classroom and refresh the display boards that have, by now, seen much better days. We’ve picked out five of the best-reviewed display packs to help you get started.

Circular Shakespeare posters, with 16 reviews

What is it? Get pupils acquainted with the works of the Bard using these unusual circular posters, featuring images from modern productions of 13 of Shakespeare’s plays.

Users say… Wow – thank you for sharing; great for cutting out, laminating and hole-punching to make a Shakespeare garland (hollyteixeira)

Literary techniques pack, with 10 reviews

What is it? Outline a variety of literary techniques and punctuation points with this comprehensive set of posters, which use quotes to illustrate each term.

Users say… Lovely display material. Great to have the quotes from texts to illustrate the technique. Thank you for sharing (marlin)

Speaking and listening wall, with 9 reviews

What is it? Model the appropriate ways to agree, disagree and listen in group discussions with this simple pack, including a handy overview.

Users say… This is a great help for students preparing for their orals – thank you (spotschkat)

Famous reading quotes, with 9 reviews

What is it? Instil a love of reading in your learners by displaying these well-presented posters of famous people, including the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Coolio, talking about books.

Users say… Great mix of quotes and the presentation is great. Thanks for your time (kapLacon)

Careers in English, with 5 reviews

What is it? Enable students to see how far their learning in English can take them with these enlightening posters, which detail specific jobs, salaries and requisite skill sets.

Users say… Thank you for sharing. I will use this as part of a ‘The future is bright… the future is English’ wall (Suze Elize)

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