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24th February 2020
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Support your students in advance of exams with these top resources

With exam season just around the corner, students thoughts will soon be turning to revision. To relieve the exam stress this season, we have drawn together a selection of resources to help your students prepare for their exams whilst remembering to take a well needed break.

Looking for subject specific exam revision materials? Explore our GCSE and iGCSE revision resource collection or our primary national tests exam resources collection.

Revision techniques

A sheet summarising different revision techniques that can be used by students. Arranged roughly in order of those techniques for learning facts and simple processes, down to more complex processes and analysing performance in exam questions.
By LittleMissScience

Growth Mindset Reflection, exam preparation

I have developed this resources based around Dwecks research into promoting a Growth Mindset. It asks pupils questions based around how they prepared for a test, mock exam end of unit assessment etc.
By mwemyss

Exam support

Some guidance to help pupils with revision and exam stress.
By sarahcopeland

"Take Off to Exams" Revision and Exam Tips Display Board

Brilliant and captivating way of giving students revision and exam tips and techniques! I made this for our high school library but can be used anywhere!

All templates included, all you need to do is cut and laminate all parts and put together. Detailed step-by-step word document included on how to put it all together.

My display board was 1 metre 10 cm X 1 metre 10 cm. You may have to adjust sizes templates etc. according to your display size.

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks 
By MissCharlotteAndrews

Test Taking Strategies (SATs exam stress)

Help reduce your students’ stress and anxiety before SATs, exams or other tests with these Test Taking Strategies posters.

8 Posters included:
Good Night Sleep
Healthy Breakfast
Budget Your Time
Read Directions
Highlight Keywords

**Use Scrap Paper **(I have also included a similar poster that says “scratch paper” instead of “scrap paper”)
Check Your Answers
Show What You Know

The posters can be printed and laminated for durability. They would work best as a class display. The posters could also be helpful to SEN students who sometimes struggle the most.

The posters are in .pdf format and not editable. However, if you need anything changing, please drop me an email (my email address is on the last page of this resource).

Thank you for your interest!
Hoppy Times

By hoppytimes

Tackling exam stress three ways

Exam season is here! If you’ve tried and the breathing and mindfulness stuff with your pupils and they’re still stressing out, then have a go at these three techniques.

One topic, one sheet of A4, three ways.

Good luck!

By Sian Rowland

Revision Timetable Planner

A revision timetable planner that students can use to plot their revision from February to June. It also contains a page of top tips and revision ideas.
By Anon31963635360579024

Guide to Effective Revision - book and timetable

This illustrated guide explains effective revision in a fully illustrated booklet, ideal for KS3/KS4 pupils. Laid out in a clear, concise format that pupils might actually read, the booklet is full of hints and tips and follows the popular Oaka Books revision pack style. Hugely popular, this booklet is now being used by over 4,500 teachers around the world.

As we know just how much time is spent creating a revision timetable work of art (rather than actually revising!), we have also put together a downloadable revision timetable for you to print off for your pupils.

This resource booklet comes with timetable for download.

Since July 2015, this resource has been downloaded over 4,500 times and has been a TES Recommended product.

Full details of 50 Oaka Books topic packs for KS1, KS2 and KS3 can be found at www.oakabooks.co.uk.
By OakaBooks

How to revise in [insert subject] guidance booklet

Revision Booklet

This editable guidance booklet will support learners in their revision of a variety of subjects.

The booklet includes general approaches to develop retrieval practice and revision strategies with links and space to explain to students how they can apply the strategy to your subject area. All ideas are supported by research.

The booklet is editable in order for teachers to customise to their subject area.

By Victoria1987

Reflection Revision Planner

Instead of a revision timetable, I have created a Reflection Revision Planner.


Unlike a timetable, it requires you to reflect on yourself and your studies regularly in order to make sense of what you are studying and why.

I hope it will keep you motivated, as you can shape and adapt your revision and have more meaningful study sessions that make a difference.


Download now for your students!
By Miss C

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