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GCSE Computer Science 9-1 Schemes of Work

Scheme of Work for the new OCR GCSE Computer Science 9-1

I have been developing the new Computer Science course, and hope that these schemes of work can be of assistance to others, maybe not in their entirety but at least through objectives or tasks.
By Pipjen77

Computing in the national curriculum - Secondary

Computing in the national curriculum: a guide for secondary teachers. This guide has been written especially for secondary teachers. It aims to demystify precise but perhaps unfamiliar language used in the programme of study. It will enable teachers to get to grips with the new requirements quickly and to build on current practice. It includes help for schools with planning and gives guidance on how best to develop teachers’ skills.
By Rising_Stars

80 Quick Computing Starters for KS3

An incredible amount of generic starter ideas for KS3 computing lessons.

They are aligned to the Computing programme of study for Key stage 3: offering you some ready-planned (no teacher time required) starters for your lessons.

Generic starters are offered, as well as specialist starters covering the following topics:

Computational abstractions
Key algorithms
Boolean logic
Hardware and software
Instructions within a computer system
Data storage
Creative projects
Digital artefacts

All designed to help you improve your practice, and are formatted for you and ready to go!

This is also offered in the great value bundle KS3 Computing without the planning
By studeapps

GCSE Computer Science 9-1 resources

Schemes of work supported by differentiated checklists for the units. Make measuring progress easier.
By Pipjen77

GCSE OCR Computer Science 9-1 Grade Mappers

This well-designed resource features a number of sheets which show how the new 9-1 outcomes map aginst the old A*-G system. It shows what skills are required in each of the units students are tested on and what they need to know/understand for each of the grade boundaries, from 9 right down to 1. The sheets are broken down into each of the topic areas and are very detailed in nature allowing them to be followed carefully.

These documents are designed to either be given to students so they can see what they need to know what level but also useful for teaching staff or those new to teaching GCSE Computing, what exactly is needed for which level.

The categories are broken down into small manageable chunks and easily allow for students to use this for revision of simply organising their class books or folders.
By James Hunt

GCSE Computer Science for OCR (9-1) J276 lessons without the planning

45 Key words
Revision and challenge cards
Starter slides

These resources will save you hours of planning. Better still - they are aligned to GCSE Computer Science OCR (9-1) J276.
By studeapps

Legacy spec revision

GCSE Computing OCR Representation of Data Revision

Revision sheets for the representation of data topic GCSE Computing OCR Feedback welcome before I complete other topics
By andy_panay1

AQA GCSE Computer Science Revision Notes

8 pages literally crammed full of theory covering the syllabus in amazing detail - perfect preparation for the exam. It is written closely to the specification to assist optimal learning. Students will quickly reinforce their learning and have complete confidence. You will be pushed to find anything as concise. Save a fortune on photocopying and revision guides... it's all here.

Please note that this document DOES NOT fully apply to the new syllabus for first teaching from September 2016.
By clickschool

GCSE Hardware Revision Sheets

Created to support revision of OCR GCSE Computing Hardware

Covers:Input, Ouptut, Secondary Storage, Memory and Softwares.
By hannahconnell

OCR GCSE Computing revision flash cards

These fully completed flash cards cover ALL 88 sub-topics for the OCR GCSE A451 Computing exam.

I was asked by one of my students to make these, so here they are.

I hope they are useful to your students.
By doradora17

OCR GCSE Computer Science Keywords

This interactive presentation is suitable for the current GCSE specification, along with the new 9-1 curriculum. It allows students to click onto a section and revise for that specific area. There are 26 areas in total. Please see image for details of some of the keyword areas covered.
By angiex1717

OCR GCSE Computing 2012 Revision Resources

This revision booklet (for pupils to fill in) and revision checklist may help pupils organise their revision and keep all their knowledge recorded in one place! Please let me know what you think. It is for unit A541.

By hannahskellam

9 -1 spec revision

GCSE Computer Science for OCR (9-1) J276 lessons without the planning

45 Key words
Revision and challenge cards
Starter slides

These resources will save you hours of planning. Better still - they are aligned to GCSE Computer Science OCR (9-1) J276.
By studeapps

OCR GCSE Computer Science

Ethical and Legal
end of unit questions and answers.
By johndothughes

GCSE Computing Takeaway Homework Menu

This multi exam board resource is the GCSE Computing takeaway homework menu. It works much like a Chinese takeaway menu; Giving your students choice over their own homework for the whole year and the ability to decide what sort of challenge they are looking for from their homework that week or lesson. Teachers are also able to set whole class homework, should they be required or fit more inline with the topic that is currently being studied. The resource is designed to allow students to select their own level of choice and challenge and be able to select a homework that allows them to be creative.

This resource contains the beautifully designed takeaway menu, which you can either distribute digitally or print off for students. It also contains files for the tasks which require them and these can either be distributed via your online VLE or in a shared area where the students can access. Ther is enough homework here for 1 whole year of GCSE, so thinking of an exciting new homework task, will be a thing of the past.

Topics covered (presented in a unique and exciting way) by the resource and available for selection are:

• Algorithms
• Hex
• Binary
• Loops (For and While)
• Sequence and Selection
• Logic
• Computational Thinking
• Arithmetic
• Pixels
• Development of Systems
• RAM, ROM and Memory
• Processing
By James Hunt

A Level / GCSE (9-1) Computer Science / Computing Programming Techniques Worksheet

An A3 (but works in A4) double sided worksheet for Computer Science. The overall topic is 'Programming Techniques' and includes tasks such as:

Describe Key Terms
Data Types
3 Basic Constructs
Flowchart Symbols
Spotting iterations/conditions in code
Rewriting loops
String Manipulation
Programming Standards.

Good for general revision - Used with both A level and GCSE groups before Mocks.
By Michael Beckett

In-class activities

GCSE Computer Science: Fun final revision lesson – Escape Room

This is a fun active lesson for GCSE Computer Science pupils that uses a version of an “Escape Room” game. The pupils work in teams to complete a number of mental and physical challenges, all of which help them with last minute revision of key computing topics. This lesson requires minimal setting up before the class arrives and is sure to make a memorable, useful and fun lesson that you and your students can all enjoy. Ideal to be used as a fun final lesson with your pupils.

Read the teacher’s guide to find out how to set up the room (this should take no longer than 5 minutes) and then run a quick presentation once the class arrive. Give each team a single sheet handout to get started and after that, the pupils are self-guiding as they research answers to exam questions, solve puzzles and crack codes to find the final codes and save the day. There is a comprehensive “hints and solutions” guide which gives you lots of helpful hints to tell the pupils if they get stuck, along with the correct solutions.

Easy to set up, fun to run, helps revise key points and can be used year after year – what more could you want in your final lesson with your year 11 classes?

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By nwilkin

GCSE Networking Revision Game Mat

I use these at the end of topics, I ask students to write a short program to simulate a die roll (or you could use actual dice!). The first roll is the column the second is the row and they have to answer the question. If their team are happy with their answer they gain the amount of points if not they need to work on an answer together.
By katyteague

Easter End of term GCSE Computing Revision Quiz 2017

A whole class quiz specifically designed for groups that are taking OCR computing 9-1 (J276), although will also be suitable for other specifications. Contains both seasonal questions and computing revision questions (aligned to the specification). Contains 8 rounds and more than 50 questions.

Print out the answer sheets (either one per student or one per team) and run through the quiz on the whiteboard. The answers are provided on the EasterendofYearGCSEQuizQuestions.docx.

Any problems, please do contact me through www.studeapps.com/contact or if you're happy please do spend the time to leave me a review.
By studeapps
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