Measuring progress in DT lessons

Sian Evans
05th October 2017
Design and technology tools for a practical assessment

Resources to test your students’ theoretical and practical knowledge 

As the midway point of the autumn term approaches, it is important to find out what your classes have grasped so far and where gaps are emerging. From explaining their theoretical knowledge to preparing for future examinations, we’ve selected some of the best DT resources that will challenge your students and help you to understand how they are progressing.

KS3 resources

Perform this baseline assessment, covering a range of DT topics, so that you can see what learners have understood this term. It could also be repeated during the academic year as a tool to track progress. Alternatively, use these assessment criteria worksheets to evaluate practical skills and techniques at the end of a project. 

Develop students’ literacy levels when writing about food technology by regularly using this spelling test pack, which will ensure that your class gain confidence in using the correct terminology. Completing these differentiated self-assessment worksheets at the end of practical food lessons supports students in effectively communicating the progress they’ve made

KS3 Baseline Assesment: Design and Technology

Here is my Baseline assessment that I have introduced to KS3. I use the assessment with Y7 - Y9 and did give it to my Y11 to test it. The results where eye-opening just before the final exam!! I give this to the entire Y7 as soon as they enter school and then again at the end of the year to help gauge progress. I have found it extremely effective. As always welcome any comments or suggestions. If you alter it and create another would you mind sharing ? I eventually hope to get an assessment for Y8 and Y9 running in the same way.

By killer12rm

Yr7 project assessment resources

During our 5 subject carousel of D&T in Yr7 I use these assessment criteria to promote progress with practical skills and techniques. I then focus more on the wider design cycle in addition to practical skills in more detail in Year 8. Making the criteria 'student-friendly&' and project-specific is essential if you wish to promote more independence and personal progress. Students are referred to these levels in every lesson.

KS3 Spelling Test Pack for Cookery and Nutrition (Updated)

Here is your complete spelling pack to improve students' literacy levels across KS3. This resource contains a range of differentiated spelling tests and practice materials that can be used in Y7, Y8, and Y9. Spellings have been grouped into adjectives and nouns, enabling students to implement key words into sentences successfully.

This spelling pack allows teachers to embed literacy more effectively in Food Technology, Cookery and Nutrition , and is availible in Publisher and PDF format.

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By foodtechfanatics

Practical Food Self Assessment Sheet

For student use at the end of a food practical session to record what has been cooked, skills, result etc. Take a photograph and staple to sheet so student can create a record of practical work. Differenciated sheets now added.
By sarah_tapp

KS4 and post-16 resources

This comprehensive half-term textiles test is ideal for checking theoretical knowledge and makes sure that students are comfortable answering using diagrams, as well as written responses. Equally, these nutrition questions and answers can be used to examine what the class have learnt and where there are gaps in understanding. 

From drawing techniques to materials, help your GCSE graphic products class prepare for exam-style questions with this range of end-of-topic tests. For older learners, this selection of questions on fabric finishes can be used throughout the year to drive home these key concepts. 

Textiles Half Term Test

This a test that I gave my Year 10s to see how much theory they had absorbed.
By Ruby Suze

AQA Graphic Products - End of Topic Tests

A range of end of topic tests designed for AQA Graphic Products, using past papers and revision guide questions. A resources I use to familiarise students with AQA style questions and to assess there knowledge of a unit of work.

Some images and questions taken from
By RASheard

Exam question on Finishes

The simple questions can also be used at KS 4.
By mbrumpton

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